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Benefit Show In Fayetteville

Join Point Of Grace for a special benefit concert for Saving Grace Ministries in Fayetteville, AR next Friday, October 5 at 7:00 PM.

Saving Grace Ministries is a Christ-centered safe harbor offering acceptance, hope, and restoration to young women of northwest Arkansas preparing them for interdependent living.

CLICK HERE for info and tickets.

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Get ready for fall with FREE shipping on all orders in the online store until October 7!

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Happy Days are here again!!!

I am still on cloud nine after my visit to Belton! Seeing my family and friends and smelling the Belton air is so medicinal to me! I have so many things I want to tell you but because it is so much, I am going to post it in two different blogs, WE will focus on the Bears football game in this blog.

First, I went back to my High School - Belton - Honea Path in S.C. to see my oldest nephew play football. I was not prepared for the excitement and the new renovations of the school itself! It was a real Friday NIght Lights show with all the bells and whistles.

My nephew is number 84... and the B-HP Bears were playing the Palmetto Mustangs (which were being coached by another school friend since kindergarten - Jody LeCroy). We had our seats (which my brother - in law has had for over 30 years).

So, without further ado, here are some highlights:

Mom and my sisters.

Daddy and the boys

Darby and Leila with the B - HP football.

Brody is # 84.

The Bears cry chant!!!

The score board before 4th quarter.

So much fun!!!

Bears and Brody - you made me so very proud!!!

Happy Days, Leigh

Shelley Says...

Last week, my precious girl turned 10 years old. I really can't believe how quickly the time has gone by - I know every mom says that, but it's really true. Now that it's September, she is back in school - and I miss so much her being around the house all day! We were buddies all summer, and she would go with me to my work stuff and errands - so I'm still getting used to having no one around the house to keep me company all day, or should I say, no one around the house for me to wait on…hahahaha!

For Caroline's birthday, we went with dad on a business/fun trip to Disneyworld. We felt a little bad that he had to pop in and out of the fun with us to go to meetings - but my sister Robyn and nephew Grant were nice enough to agree to come from Little Rock to "play" with us for a few days and celebrate Caroline's big double digit birthday. We made so many -as they would say at Disney- "magical" memories - but there really is no other word for how amazing everything always is at "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Here are a few photos from the trip…

This is Caroline waiting to board the plane in Nashville. Her teachers were so sweet and understanding to let her out of school for a couple of days, and she started her take home work the second we got to the airport. I love those Minnie ears…Charles Stovall, if you're reading this….thank you again for her favorite Disney accessory!

Here I am with Caroline and her cousin Grant. We were about to ride the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios for the first time. It was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Though I stunk at the game inside…pretty sure my 7 year old nephew outscored me by 75,000 points.

Below is Caroline on her birthday with Aunt RaRa…aka- my sister Robyn. Aren't they both so pretty?? Caroline is wearing the outfit she bought with the birthday money she received from her grandparents. I think that skirt is adorable. This was right before we saw "Fantasmic" which was really really great.

Grant got Caroline a Disney "Pin" holder for all the pins she has collected from Disney. She was so excited, and PS - is my nephew the cutest ever or what??

And, finally, here we are on our final day there. I'm pretty sure this picture is the reason that I am still coughing and a little sick 9 days later…but, we are stopped by nothing when it concerns the Magic Kingdom! Also, I do need to mention that David is the best dad in world to help Caroline fulfill her birthday wish to ride Space Mountain ten times. I stopped at 5. I'm getting old.

Pretty sure Disney made an extra half a million on that rainy Sunday on ponchos alone…

Thanks for indulging me to share a few pics of Caroline's 10th birthday celebration.

I hope ya'll have a great Wednesday!!


Graceful Living This Week

There's a new trend called a "mirror fast" - does it work??

Leigh shares about this new process where you give up looking at yourself in any reflective surface for a period of time. It's supposed to make you happier!

Listen to the girls discuss this, and let us know if you agree!