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Happy Monday!

Hope you have a had a great start to the week. It's been a good morning for me. Spence went to the doctor and learned that his arm is healing. We were very thankful. It's still going to take time, but for the mental part it's just good to hear that he's on his way to recovery:)

I'm glad that I serve a God who heals. This morning in Jesus Calling it again reminds us that He is the one who FORGIVES all my sins and HEALS my diseases. He heals hurt bodies, troubled minds, aching , hearts, messed- up lives , and difficult relationships. And even some of the things that he chooses not to heal, he uses those things to keep us close to him. "My Grace is enough for you".

We were blessed to wake up to a beautiful "Fallish" type weather. I even had to wear a sweatshirt for the first part of my walk this morning. This is our first full week of school, so I'm trying to get a new schedule going and in my head. It makes me kind of excited for something new though.

This weekend we had GOG in Charlotte. It was a really good conference. I got to hear "For King and Country" live for the first time. They were soooo great. Of course the girls loved them as well. There are so many great things about the day that I could never pinpoint my favorite. I'm telling you again. If you have a teenage girl, niece, or grand-daughter. Get them there. And for all of you moms out there, we get to spend some sweet time together as well.

Well, I'm off to get myself organized for the week:) At least attempt somewhat of a plan to get organized. Have a blessed week.

Shelley Says...

Well, it's time for my obligatory "Back to School" photos! Woo-hoo…

I didn't take as many this year, because, you know…..4th graders get embarrassed by things.

Like posing for pictures in their classroom on the first day of school.

How dare we ask!! :0)

Caroline is loving school. She has such a sweet teacher and group of kids to spend the year with. David and I were talking last night about how fortunate we have been all these years to have had such a carefree school experience. I'm sure I just jinxed myself by saying that- but I'm grateful none the less! Believe me-I've heard plenty of stories about the impending girl drama that is about to unfold...

Here we are outside of school Monday morning. The funny thing is- we both walked off the bus literally an hour and a half before this photo. I told Caroline she was such a rockstar.

Caroline's teacher this year is named Mrs. Clement. She LOVES her and tells me everyday how nice she is SO thankful for Godly teachers that love our kids.

The older I get, the younger all the teachers look to me. This happens.

I love how Caroline is sporting her Meredith Andrews bracelet from Girl of Grace on the first day!

We are off to Charlotte tonight for Girls of Grace!

Happy Weekend,

First Day Of School

Is it possible for me to have a Freshman in High School?????? Surely not!!! I'm way too young for that. However I dropped my boys off this morning at school and yes, my oldest is walking into the High School. I was really doing okay today. I've cried almost every day this week, but this morning I woke up with excitement and confidence. Only when I pulled up did I almost start crying. I said to the boys, "OH, I think I'm going to start crying". They both responded with a loud "MOM!!! PLEASE WAIT TIL WE GET OUT OF THE CAR". Which made me laugh for the moment. Here they are... I think they've both grown 3 inches over the summer.

Yes, you see an arm brace on my oldest. It was quite devastating at first. We've grieved and are now moving toward focusing on the healing. For those who know us, you know how much Spence LOVES football. He has been working soooo hard to be ready to begin High School football. So, when he broke the growth plate in his throwing arm last week, it was tough to swallow. I KNOW, things could be much worse, but when you see your kid so disappointed and sad, it breaks your heart. He will be out more than likely 8 weeks, but we pray mostly that he just has a full recovery.

Price is going into 6th this year. I think it's going to be a great year for him. He's decided not to play football and focus on baseball this fall. He's really grown and changed a lot this summer which is allowing him to walk into the school doors with more confidence. I'm happy for him and can't wait to find out how his first day was.

Anyway, I'm excited to see what God is going to do in the life of my boys. New teachers, new friends, new experiences. We get to experience new every day if we just look around.

"I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord" Ps 27:13-14

Let's wait and see what God does:)

Have a blessed day, Denise

The Beautiful Truth

We just returned from our GOG conference in Jackson, Ms. The United Methodist Church and it's volunteers were super great, I can't wait to go back. Jamie Ross, thank you for your love of teenage girls and allowing us to be at your wonderful church to share the Beautiful Truth!!

All of our kids were with us this weekend and TOTALLY enjoyed Chris August and Group 1 Crew!!! Darby was blown away with the cool dancing and how beautiful Blanca is when she sings! I couldn't agree with her more. As a parent, I want my daughter to look up to Godly role models and our conference is full of them. People like Blanca (from Group 1Crew) share their testimony of how a relationship with God changed their perspective on how they see themselves.

If you know a teenage girl, we would LOVE for them to come and be a part of The Beautiful Truth! Check us out to see if we are near you at

Here is a picture of 3 beautiful girls!! Caroline, Blanca and Darby Mae

We are home for a few more days and then we head back out to Charlotte, N.C. for another GOG event! Come see us!!!!

blessings, leigh