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Shelley Says...

Hello there everyone! Happy Thursday!!

We just finished recording our radio show "Graceful Living" for this week, so I am a little late getting this blog out. I've been wanting to tell you guys for some time now about an incredible pasta sauce I have discovered.

It's called "Grandad's Gravy". My daughter goes to school with a sweet young boy named Mauro. They are both going into the 4th grade, and have been in class together a few times through the years. Mauro's mom and dad have started a business in his grandfather's honor, to not only remember the wonderful person he was, but also to showcase one of his most beloved "secret recipes." You can read all about him on their website.

As you can see from the picture, the 4th grade Mauro shares a name with his grandad! I ordered a case of this after attending a dinner party with Mauro's mom and dad. We absolutely LOVED the sauce and are about to place another order. It truly is the most fresh tasting sauce from a jar that I have ever eaten.

And you guys know me well enough to know that I don't lie about food. Or steer people wrong. So trust me on this.

Caroline loves spaghetti, so I always keep several jars on hand for quick meals, but this sauce is worthy to be used in your best recipes that call for a "marinara" sauce.

Also, just so you know…

I know some blogs "advertise" stuff…we don't. (Well maybe except our CDs and tshirts!)

But every time I see this sauce in my pantry, or eat it for dinner, I think to myself, "I have GOT to share about this on the blog!"

So order yourself a six pack- you won't be disappointed. :0)

Here's the link…

Happy eating,

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Time For The Pool

It's Hot and it's Monday. There is no other place to be if u are outside then in the pool. Shelley has let me yet again invade hers.

We had a great weekend in Ashville, NC at The Cove. I love it there. It's so beautiful and peaceful. Of course the kids freaked out for a moment because there wasn't any wifi or TV. After they got over their shock, the began enjoying the walking trails and the free soda fountain on the 3rd floor. Lol.

I'm always blown away when I look at pictures and read quotes from Billy Graham. He has always kept the Gospel so simple. Why do we have to complicate it so much?

All of our kids were able to come on the bus. They were so excited

I am sad that I didn't take any pictures of the four of them. We also got to see Leigh's Mom and Dad which is always a treat.

Well I'm sweating to death out here. Time to get in the pool. Have a happy day:) Denise.

On Graceful Living Recently...

Children can teach us so much, don't you agree?

This weekend the girls fleshed that concept out, talking about how children make friends fast, don't hold grudges, are curious and uninhibited - and most of all, truly see the best in people. Shelley also shared a story from Beth Moore about her daughter teaching her to see people in a different light.

Listen here, then tell us what you think!

Shelley Says...


Just wow.

Yesterday I was privileged to take Caroline to the Change the Story-A Compassion Experience. This is a new tour that Compassion International is bringing to church and event parking lots all over the country.

Have you ever wished you could take your child on a mission trip to actually "see" how much of the world lives? Have you ever wished that you could get to the heart of your child where gratitude and stewardship are concerned?

Wish no more. This is SUCH a cool concept and even if you don't have kids, you will be moved to get involved. We sponsored another child yesterday because I just couldn't not. And that's the point. Every child that gets sponsored is one less child that needs sponsored. And we can chip away at that number- one child at a time.

What is the "experience"? It is a life like replica that you walk through, guided by an iPod with a narrator, of a real child's life and surroundings- before Compassion, and after.

3100 square feet (housed in two semi-trucks) of opportunity to learn, and to teach.

Here is Caroline outside of the exhibit. She wanted her picture made here because our friend Keely took the photo of the pretty girl on the truck. And that's just super cool.

You can't say they didn't warn you…

Here we are about to go in to the tour with our headphones and iPods.

This is a photo of Caroline inside, but I really didn't take any other pics of the inside of the tour because I was too involved in the story and forgot! You can't really see anything in this one…and I'm kinda glad, because I don't want to ruin anything for you.

Here is the link with a listing of the cities where this exhibit will travel this year, so far.

I would love for ya'll to check it out if they're close to you.

Now, we have to go write our new Compassion child, Andrea…from Honduras. We picked a relatively close country, in the hopes that we could visit the real thing one day. But for now, Change the Story-The Compassion Experience, is about as close as you can get.

Love ya'll,
Have a good one,