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Shelley Says...

Well I must admit that I totally forgot about doing my blog for today until we were walking out the door to go to the movie. I write to you now during the previews of Madagascar 3. :0). Such commitment!!

This weekend my in-laws are visiting from Michigan along with Caroline's cousin Cole. They have so much fun playing together- they are very close in age and she has been really excited about his visit. Here is a pic of Caroline and Cole with Grandpa Phil.

In other news, Bella is mad at me b/c she had to get her yearly exams and shots. She was poked and prodded, but a good patient I'm told. Doesn't she looked a little ticked?!

Sorry this is so short today-

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!


Recently On Graceful Living...

This past weekend, the girls discussed texting while walking or driving. Shelley and Denise confessed to doing it sometimes but felt it was still a rude thing to do. There's potentially a fine for doing so now!

You've probably experienced this, whether it be someone else or even yourself, so listen to the clip from the show, then share your thoughts!

Sports Mom


I'm writing this while sitting in a small Mexican food Restaurant in Jefferson city. I brought Spence here for a TN All Star football game. They practice at Carson Newman Univ. it reminds me a little of Ouachita Baptist where Shelley and I went to College. Once you drop off your son they do their own thing. Spence has been thinking about this game for 2 months. They get to play in Louisville, ky on Sat. It's TN vs KY. I can't stand not knowing what's happening at practice, so I'm staying til tonight's full pad practice. I have no where to go all afternoon, so I came in here to eat and get out of the heat. I guess my next stop will be Walmart and Big Lots:).

This is the job of a Sports Mom and i wouldn't change it for anything. I will head back tonight.

Last night Spence and I hung in our hotel room and watched the Thunder vs Heat. What an intense game! Thunder fans are awesome and the players are even better. It's going to be quite a series I think.

Well that's what I'm doing today. Maybe I'll see if there is a movie theater around here. Have a great day Denise

Happy Birthday to Dana

Happy Birthday to Dana... happy birthday to you!!! Today we celebrate Dana's birthday!! However, he was so adamant about NOT having a party or anything that resembled a celebration (thus no pictures) so we had to oblige. Ugg!!! (That is impossible... it's YOUR day babe... we have to celebrate)...But we did talk him into a nice dinner later (with the family only) and one gift that he had been wanting, Cracker Barrel's exclusive An Evening with Dolly Parton Live and THAT'S it!!! Yay, he is a cheap date!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We are starting the countdown to our vacation in S.C. with my family. 12 days left until we leave for Myrtle Beach. The only thing I dread is the bathing suit shopping. I am growing by the day and I may just have to settle with a large T-shirt and elastic shorts...

We would love to hear about your family vacations and even your summer activities. You hear about all the things we are doing and we are also interested in your adventures too. Post some of your favorites on our Facebook page - we would LOVE it!!

Happy Birthday to all you June babies - and celebrate (if your husband/wife/family with let you)!!!

blessings, leigh

Happy Friday!

Hello from the car heading back to Nashville from Oklahoma. We had a great time seeing family and a few friends.

We started our time here celebrating my Mother n laws bday. We went to one of her favorite places called "The Yellow Rose Dinner Theater.

It's a very interesting idea for ministry. It's run out of a church in Moore, OK. The worship team does all of the entertainment. The food is made from scratch fresh everyday. Brisket, green beans, hashbrown potato casserole, incredible yeast rolls. Then at intermission they had like 6 desserts to choose from . This particular night they were doing their Motown show. The lead singer was fantastic. Any way, it was an experience :).

Spence was at OU's football camp. It was cool to be on the campus,

I got to spend time with one of my dearest childhood friends Sarah. We had a great time catching up.

We also got to let our kids hang out. We keep telling Spence and Macy that they have an arranged marriage. Haha! Price and Bryant had a great time playing backyard football.

While Spence was at camp, we took Price to a Redhawks baseball game. My sister and 2 nieces came down to meet us. It was a beautiful night for baseball.

Stu, pepa and Spence headed downtown TX for another passing camp and Price and I stayed in Norman with my Mom.

She takes care of a little baby. Price turned into a good little babysitter. He's practicing for Leigh's baby:)

Now we are on the road for an 11 hour drive. Can't wait to see my puppies. I've missed them.

That's what's been going on in my world. Have a blessed day.