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Happy Early Birthday to me:)

Well, I know that my birthday is not for another week, but Stu has decided to give me my present early. If you know me really well, you know that organization is not my best friend. For whatever reason, I have REALLY be BAD at it over the past two months. Too much brain overload or something. Therefore, my house has paid the price for that. Drawers are completely overstuffed, closets have as many clothes on the floor as they have on the hangers (OKAY,, it's not quite that bad). But, it has definitely not been my proudest moments. So, for my birthday Stu has hired someone to come help me get organized. I'm thinking that this present is actually more for himself than me. Her name is Miss Michael. She is a wonderful Godly woman who is helping me to take a space at a time and make it more functional. I think there is probably something "Spiritual" about it all. Doesn't God want us to take every part of our mind, heart, body, soul, and let him come in an rearrange it to make it more whole so that we function the best we can giving Him glory in what we do?

Here is the first order of business. My work space. I now have a place that I can sit here and type this blog. I have notecards at my disposal to write a quick note to someone that I've been thinking about. My Bible study and Scriptures are right here. I'm so excited. So, thank you Honey!!! Even if this was a gift for yourself, I LOVE it and I know it will go towards enhancing our marriage and family:)

Last night the boys informed me that they both needed to bring a treat to school. Well, I just bought a pan that makes little bundt cakes. So I used our Point of Grace cookbook (Cooking with Grace) and made the "easy breezy Chocolate Cake" and made them into mini bundt cakes. Aren't they cute?

I am soooooo ready for Spring. I'm about to stop writing so that I can go outside and get some of that beautiful sunshine we are having today in Nashville. Hope you have a wonderful day and a great Spring Break if you are headed into that time. Get some of your Easter decorations out. It has helped my frame of mind even when it has been cold outside.

Have a wonderful weekend. So glad it's Friday!!!


Shelley Says...

Well, it's hump day, and I am trying to wake up and climb over it!! I wish I was a morning person - but I'm just not. Trouble is, I'm not a night person, either…

"Early to bed, late to rise."

That's my motto!!

Some of you have seen on our Twitter that we have changed the name of our radio show to "Real Life with Point of Grace." This comes on the heels of a special partnership we are doing with several of the Today's Christian Music network stations. Our show is now airing from 9-12pm on Saturday nights in about 75 different markets and has been since January. SO EXCITING!! In Nashville, we have an incredible local Christian music station, 94FM "The Fish". We LOVE them so much, listen to them faithfully, and are so happy and honored to hear our show here, in our hometown, every Saturday.

If you don't get "Real Life" in your town, you can listen to us live, right here on "The Fish."

Here are a few of the places you can hear "Real Life"

at 7pm Eastern Saturday nights in Cleveland/Akron, OH WCLN 107.3 at 7pm Eastern Saturday nights in Clinton/Fayetteville, NC WFCJ 93.7 at 10pm Eastern Saturday nights in Dayton, OH

I promise a full list super soon!!

In other news, I'm headed to my home state of Arkansas for spring break and I'm so excited!!

I know this is short! Don't hate!

More on the radio show soon,
Packing awaits,

Shelley Says…

Happy Friday everyone! It has been somewhat of a "long" week around here - my sweet Caroline hasn't been feeling herself - we've been for two strep tests, but nothing has turned up… I'm beginning to wonder if she just has a cold coming on. It's hard sometimes when there's not a "diagnosis", isn't it??

She's supposed to go to a sleepover tonight, hopefully she will feel up to it - she's in the 4th Grade and this is her very first official sleepover with more than one girl - I'm quite sure it will be Giggle-fest 2013.

Speaking of sleepovers - last Friday night Leigh's little girl Darby spent the night and the girls wanted to sleep in the living room "by the fire", so we really did it up. Moved the mattresses and everything - don't they look cute? Queens of the World…

They also wanted a tent, so here is pic of my handiwork…

Funny thing is - guess who ended up sleeping on those beds??

I did. :0)

About 11pm it was decided that there were too many "windows and creepy sounds"- a.k.a. the ice maker- for them to possibly get a good nights sleep…

There's a reason I moved the actual mattresses - I knew this would happen. And I wanted to be comfortable while they took over our bed….

They also attended Girls of Grace in Nashville. Our neighbor Sarah got to attend this conference, and all of them had a blast. Here they are backstage with Group 1 Crew. They are always so nice and gracious to our "starstruck pre-teens"…

Blanca (from Group 1) is expecting her first baby!! She looks adorable and we are so excited for her…

Sarah got to be in the GOG Fashion show which was super fun for her….here she is with Darby and Caroline in her "stage clothes"…

Our girls can't wait till they are old enough to participate in the Fashion Show…something to look forward to…

Well, I'm off print out scripts for tomorrow's GOG in Birmingham…I hope you have safe and blessed weekend…

much love to you all,

March Madness brings about a Cinderella Story:

Speaking of March madness, a big SHOUT OUT to Darby's Basketball team - the Lady Tigers!!! Coach Sanders and Coach Cates were brilliant in helping the girls achieve the Championship Victory in what turned out to be a Cinderella Season - RUDY RUDY RUDY!!!! Congrats girls and Coaches!!! We are so proud of you all!!!!

Darby was thrilled our family and friends could be at the game to cheer her on to victory!!! It was a great day for the Cappillino's - Aunt Dana (my sister), Uncle Jeb (taking the picture), cousin Leila and Isaac and Aunt Cindy (my bff) were all there and of course, Daddy too.

March is a month of celebrations for our family, our nephews Isaac and Brody have a birthday, Denise has a birthday and Dana and I celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary!

Can't believe how the time has flown by... Thanks be to God for His goodness - we are extremely blessed!

"And they lived happily ever after."

Hope you have a magical day today,
leigh cappillino

Andy & Old MacDonald

Andy update - Old MacDonald had a farm... Enjoy!!

Good times with our little boy!!!