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It's The Week Of Darby!

Darby is a December baby... and being a December baby with parents on tour makes celebrating very challenging...but we keep pressin' on.

A stop at Build a Bear during Chipmunk mania was Monday evening.

Tuesday was cheerleading cupcakes and a candle with her Nanny, Mallory. Mallory has pictures on her facebook.

Wednesday, she came home after school with loads of presents from the whole family. She LOVED everything!!!

While we were in Greenville, S.C tuesday doing a show, I was able to see my Mom and Dad. One of Darby's bday wishes was a "Rara" cake. Darby was so thrilled that Rara (my Mom) was going to make her cake. Rara is famous for her cakes in our family... a simple sheet cake with toys on top. Darby is so into dogs right now and so the theme was "Darby's dog sitting"... It's in the little things.

When Darby came home on Wednesday she was welcomed with tons of presents and a family celebration - Spaghetti ( her favorite) and Chocolate cake. Here are a few of her favorite treats.

We ended with a trip to the bus to head to Lake Charles, La.

Trinity Bapt. Church in Lake Charles, La. absolutely kept the "party" going. Darby could not believe a church existed like this. Take a look.

This place was Disney for any kid. Everyone was so wonderful!!!! Marie entertained Darby all afternoon. She had a blast!!!

THANK YOU to Marie, Richard, Jan, Peggy, Mandy, Kay and so many more... you blessed POG and our crew immensely!

This church was so accommodating when I walked into the choir room and in the far corner saw the most AWESOME desk in the world they were like, "you can have that"... REALLY? I CAN?... Look at this adorable desk. It is so old with such great character. It was the perfect size! Maybe "Santa" will have that under the tree.

Now, we are on day 5...stay tuned for what may be next.

Blessings, leigh

Shelley Says...

Christmas at my house looks kinda like this…

I like old things mixed with new things…these are some old ornaments that they sell for lots of moola nowadays at flea markets…but my neighbor Susan was getting rid of an old tree this summer, and she let me take these off her tree for nuthin'! I have them in my guest room for a little pop of color.

Here is the tree that Caroline picked out for this year. I think it's a pretty color and I love the little matching tree skirt. She has it by her bedside and it looks pretty at night with the twinkling colored lights.

This is sitting on my dining room table. It's one of those glass domes with an old plastic vintage reindeer underneath it. I don't know why I loved him so much.

Here is our tree. Sometimes we do two, one real, and this one…but since we are going to Michigan this year, I took it easy on myself. Usually this one is in the other living room and decked out in silver, blue and white ornaments. But Caroline wanted to do it in our "other" ornaments this year…i.e. the ones she has made at church or school, etc. and other ones we have "collected" along the way. So that's what we did!

Here is Elfie…he's such a stinker. He was sitting on my wreath this morning, but yesterday he made a mess with toilet paper in the bathroom. Bad bad elf.

The advent calendar. Caroline loves this. I do not. It's hard to find 25 different little treats that will fit in these spaces…but what Caroline loves….

Here is a little of my mantle. Some more old ornaments I bought at Round Top Antique fair back in the spring…I also got that little picture. I loved it and I'm so glad I got it.

And finally….so at Halloween it was candy corn…now, it's m and m's…they are much harder for me to resist, which isn't good. And a lot more expensive…I have no idea how many bags that ended up being, but I know I'm crazy.

Off to Louisiana for our show tonight….

Hope to see you out here!

A Whirlwind Last Week

Well, it's been a busy, but fun filled last week. Christmas is in full swing. Last night we finally finished all of our Christmas decorations. The trees are finally done:)

I just love the lights on trees. There is something so magical about them. I think part of it is that I've never liked the dark. I love for things to be bright. It's no wonder that Jesus called himself the "LIGHT OF THE WORLD". Oh how dark it is without him.

Anyway, it was fun to turn up the Christmas music, go through all the ornaments the boys have made in the past. Sometimes I have to prod the "men in my house" to get excited, but with a few sugar cookies and Peppermint Hot Chocolate it was easier to get motivated:)

There are so many things to do that involve your kids for the Holidays. Here is a neat idea that my friend came up with us to do as a way to serve the homeless; We had our "Family Community Group" last week. Ya know how it is when you pull up next to a homeless person at a stop light? Especially when your kids are in the car, it's hard to know what to do. Do you give? What am I supposed to do? So, we decided to get together and make "Blessing Bags" for the homeless. We each will keep some in our car and if the opportunity presents itself, we will share with them. Here's a couple of the bags to show for example.

The kids had a great time playing together and helping organize the bags

The kids also made cards to go to whom ever receives the bag. I thought it was a fun idea and hopefully will bless someone who needs to know that they aren't forgotten.

We did this the night I left for the tour, so I haven't had a chance to write about it. Speaking of the tour.... It couldn't have started out any better down in Montgomery, AL with one of our favorite groups in the world - Phillips, Craig, and Dean. We had a wonderful time, except for the fact that I started the tour being hoarse, so I had to get some meds to help me get better.

The next two days were spent at my Alma Mater. Ouachita Baptist University!!! Yay, we had sooooo much fun. I'm hoping to get some pictures soon from the shows to post. It was incredible. The Ouachita Concert Choir was 150 voices. They sounded so amazing. It's very rare to get to sing with that large of a choir, especially with that much talent in it. OBU is such a special place and I was reminded of what a wonderful school it is as I had the chance to walk around campus and revisit old stomping grounds.

Here was where POG began. it was about 11:00 p.m. when we ran over to this very building to see if we sounded good together. This was where I practically lived while getting my degree. So many great memories.

Here's the white Tiger. He is now caged in and protected from the college across the street who have for many years tried to paint him different colors, etc.

One of the sweetest parts of the weekend was that my old group "The Ouachitones" had a little reunion and about 70 of them were there to sing for a banquet with our director Mrs. Shambarger. Here is a picture of some of the girls that I was in the group with the years I was at OBU. Each of them are special women with their own unique stories. It was a joy to see them. It's been a long time.

The weekend was fun but I was exhausted when I got home. This is me and my dog Sooner taking a nap. My husband was so kind to take the picture. Haha!

Well, that is last week's whirlwind for me. Looking forward to another busy week. We are off to Greenville, SC today to sing for a HIS radio dinner event. I'm praying that flights will be on time going and coming home. Enjoy your week.

Love ya,

Photos From The Road

We just finished the first few dates on the Home For The Holidays Tour Presented By A Soldier's Hope! Head over to our MEDIA page to see new photos from the road.

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