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Hope Week - $7.97 CD Sale

Music awakens hope… and in this week of Advent, we are celebrating with $7.97 CD’s in the online store. Pick up a copy for yourself and one for a friend to spread hope this Christmas season!

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Cyber Monday Sale

It’s Cyber Monday and we are joining the fun! Get t-shirts for $12, Christmas bundles for $14.99, and CD’s for $7.97. Start your Christmas shopping and visit the online store before this sale goes away!

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Shelley Says...

My Thanksgiving

I have always loved Thanksgiving for obvious reasons- the food- and usually we stay home and have a bunch of people over for the day. I do love cooking, and always make about one million sides for the big meal. This year, my sister Robyn had the idea of taking a trip somewhere. She researched it a little and found a great hotel right outside of Beaver Creek, Colorado. We ended up booking it, and my whole side of the family spent the holiday there.

I'm ruined forever.

As much as I love cooking- I love being waited on more.

Oh, and I'm an awesome skier now, too.


Here are a few of the many pics I took of the weekend.

I wish I had the one of Dave and I in the hot tub with all the snow in the background. It was so awesome it makes my stomach hurt!! BUT, I think it's on my dad's camera...

This is on our first night there. Caroline REALLY wanted to go ice skating, and she LOVED it. We went three times total, and now she says she wants white ice skates for Christmas.

As for me, I sat on this ledge more than I skated. I can get around ok, but that's about it. I'm not doing any twirls- that's for sure. It cost about 18 bucks for adults to skate, so I figured I paid about 3 bucks every time I circled the rink.

Here is my mom and dad right before we went to eat Thanksgiving Dinner. You know, we got one big plate of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. and it was actually enough...who knew?? Anyway, they're such a snazzy young looking couple.

Of course we had to get dessert. Robyn ordered some sort of apple dessert. A definite "A" for presentation, but we were disappointed because it wasn't hot. You don't have cold apple desserts. No, no, no...come on Wolfgang...

I decided to go with the deep fried pumpkin fritters, it being Thanksgiving and all. All I can say is, I had to bite my tongue to keep from asking for a larger portion in a big bowl.

PS They were served with sage ice cream. Sounds weird but SOOOOO good.

Here we are on the first day we went skiing. I think I look pretty good in my ski clothes. Fairly legit. That's where it ends though...the bunnies were my friends.

Here is me, Dave, Caroline, my bro-in-law Kyle, Robyn and my nephew, Grant. My ski skills need another 20 hours of private training. I wish I hadn't loved it so much because it costs one million dollars to do. Meanwhile, the kids were awesome. They are ADORABLE doing it. Caroline was so great, she even got poles the second day. I should have turned mine in. I would have less bruises as I type this.

I actually love this pic. We took it yesterday morning right before we left to head back. I'm sure my sister would like me to tell you she just got back from the work-out room. She was worried about her hair, but I think she looks pretty good. When you're skinny who cares about your hair? OK, seriously, isn't Davis so cute. He was a little young to ski this year, but he is happiest on "Boppa's" lap anyway...I'm actually surprised he's not sitting there in this pic.

Here is his usual position. You know my dad just hates it... (Sorry there is a beer in this pic. I have no idea who that person is.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving however you spent it. We are excited to finish preparing for our Christmas tour and we will hopefully see you on the road really soon!!

Monday blessings to you!!

Opryland Tree Lighting Ceremony

Did you miss Point of Grace performing at the Opryland Tree Lighting ceremony last week? Watch the video recap HERE and get in the Christmas spirit!

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Thanksgiving Turkeys


Yesterday POG went to our local radio station - 94 Fm the Fish and did a little Christmas plug for our show coming up in December. We met a sweet gentleman named David Brooks. He was a radio/internet winner. He won 2 tickets to our show in Nashville, Dec. 15th AND the famous cookie bouquet by (Cookies by design). This place is amazing... they put our heads on a cookie! I have never been a cookie before - (sweet of course) but never a cookie.

Speaking of cookies, Darby, Meg, Bess, Ellie and Capri came over to make
Turkey cookies. My friend Capri, saw these somewhere online and suggested
that we make them! They looked simple enough so we gave it a try.

Looking easy and being easy, are two different things. ( P.S. I didn't
make rice krispies treats growing up, I didn't know you had to melt the marshmallows FIRST!). Once we threw away the first batch of soggy rice krispies ( I added water when they weren't melting fast enough)...seriously...then we were well on our way.

I love candy corns, and Kebler fudge rounds - YUMMY!!! These are two of the
key ingredients. You also need marshmallow and melted chocolate.

We got all the ingredients on the table and the kids were ready for instruction. After several mistakes, I think we realized you need a very steady hand and plenty of wipes by your side. This was messy but lots of fun. LOTS of fun!! Here are some pictures Capri took for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! They are all master pieces! Note after a few hours
they begin to lean like the 'Tower of Pisa...good times!!!