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Thanksgiving Turkeys


Yesterday POG went to our local radio station - 94 Fm the Fish and did a little Christmas plug for our show coming up in December. We met a sweet gentleman named David Brooks. He was a radio/internet winner. He won 2 tickets to our show in Nashville, Dec. 15th AND the famous cookie bouquet by (Cookies by design). This place is amazing... they put our heads on a cookie! I have never been a cookie before - (sweet of course) but never a cookie.

Speaking of cookies, Darby, Meg, Bess, Ellie and Capri came over to make
Turkey cookies. My friend Capri, saw these somewhere online and suggested
that we make them! They looked simple enough so we gave it a try.

Looking easy and being easy, are two different things. ( P.S. I didn't
make rice krispies treats growing up, I didn't know you had to melt the marshmallows FIRST!). Once we threw away the first batch of soggy rice krispies ( I added water when they weren't melting fast enough)...seriously...then we were well on our way.

I love candy corns, and Kebler fudge rounds - YUMMY!!! These are two of the
key ingredients. You also need marshmallow and melted chocolate.

We got all the ingredients on the table and the kids were ready for instruction. After several mistakes, I think we realized you need a very steady hand and plenty of wipes by your side. This was messy but lots of fun. LOTS of fun!! Here are some pictures Capri took for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! They are all master pieces! Note after a few hours
they begin to lean like the 'Tower of Pisa...good times!!!


Shelley Says...

We are nearing one of my favorite holidays of the year! THANKSGIVING!!

This year, my family and I will spending Thanksgiving in Colorado. I am so excited about trying to snow ski for the first time, and I'm sure my sister will capture a good fall or two on video. I'll be sure and let you see that. :0)

I have mixed emotions about not being in the kitchen this year though. I think it will be a good break, but I will miss cooking all my favorites for my family. I wanted to share a Thanksgiving standby that I love with you-maybe one of you can make it in my honor, and eat an extra helping for me!

I love sweet potato casserole FOR SURE, and this recipe ends up being in the same general category, but it's a little different. I reserve it for special occasions, and it is always on the Breen menu on turkey day. It's a little work, but oh so worth it, and it makes TWO! So it's perfect to bring to a big gathering where you have been assigned a vegetable!

I give to you......

Carrot Souffle'

3 lbs. carrots, peeled and sliced
2 cups sugar
3 sticks butter

(I'm laughing as I type these ingredients. So bad for you....)


6 large eggs
1/2 cup flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon

1.Preheat over to 350.
2.Grease two separate 1 and 1/2 quart baking dishes.
3.Boil carrots until tender, then drain.
4.Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until smooth.
5.Spread mixture evenly into the two baking dishes.
6.Bake for 1 hour or until set. (do the ol' toothpick in the middle test.)
7.Serve immediately.

It's sweet, light, fluffy and YUMMERS.

I do mine in these round Corningware dishes. They work great. Also, it's great heated up the next day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be eating in a restaurant and NOT doing dishes, but I also won't have carrot souffle'!! The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

May you all experience bountiful blessings and sweet memories with your families.

Love, Shelley

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Great Church + good friends + mexican food = Great Weekend

That's what we had along with some laughter and tears. First of all, Lake Country Church in Ft. Worth took such great care of us. That always makes for a good day. I can even look past the jokes that Pastor Randy made about my Sooners that Sunday morning. (you know it was a tough morning to get going after such a sad game the night before.) It was Friend Day at Lake Country, so they brought us in for a very special Sunday morning service. They were so cute because they had seen Shelley's blog about the Christmas lights at Opryland, so they wanted to do their best to create another beautiful environment, so they put up this lighted scrim (don't know how to spell it) behind us.

It's the in the details:) Before the service started, we had the chance to sing a little to their children's department. VERY WELL BEHAVED CHILDREN!!! We thought we'd bring them into the Holiday Season by serenading them with a little "CANDY CANE LANE" and our new accapella we just learned "Silent Night". IF you come see us on the Christmas tour you will be able to hear it..

Then we hustled back over to the main service. We had a wonderful time. However, that is when the tears come in. Our dearly beloved Michael Passons was spending his last day with us playing piano because he was literally packed in his car heading to the West Coast. Yes, he has taken a church in Hollywood actually and will be leading worship there. Even though this is a new journey that God has laid out for him, we are still very very sad about it. His laughter and friendship on the road and off will be greatly missed. BUT, we trust that this is God's timing for him right now. So, when he sang a little "Testify to Love" it was a cry fest and people had to bring us tissue from the audience. lol. Michael blessed us with these beautiful clay birds from a special little place in Merigold, MS called McCarty's. They are made from actual clay in Mississippi. He called us his 3 little "song birds". CRY CRY CRY some more. I put it on my little table that sits by my chair that I do my bible study in so that I will see it and remember to pray for my sweet friend.

After the service, they heard our cry for Mexican Food! You can't go to Texas and not eat Mexican. We didn't have tons of time before we had to head to the airport, but they rushed us over to a place called Jo T Garcia's. Speaking of friend day, the church was kind enough to let us bring a friend as well. Here is a pic with a dear sweet girl named Amy Edgemon. We met Amy years ago at a super summer camp in Texas. We led the small groups and I was her mom. She moved from a daughter to fan to friend over the years. She is always a blessing to be around. So we chowed down together. I always devour about 3 baskets of chips on my own. I was in a food coma by the time I got on the plane.

Darby Mae was also out with us on our trip. I tell ya, she is such a trouper. She just tags along and doesn't complain or act up. Shelley and I were both saying that our kids would have been "over it" and acting out by the time we headed back home if they had to hang on to the schedule that we had. AND she wasn't feeling well, so she was an extra trouper.

Check out the big plate of guac. We finished that off in seconds. I can't believe I got a picture before it was eaten.

Anyway, it was a fulfilling day. Sweet people, sweet friends, and good food. Ya'll say a prayer for Michael on this new adventure God has put him on. Hopefully he will get to come join us every once in a while just for fun:)

Have a great day. Remember the 10 lepers? Let's be like the one who came back to thank Jesus for all he had done this Thanksgiving and every day.


Shelley Says...

Last night we got to do something so Christmas-y that I am now TOTALLY in the spirit!! We got to sing at the Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Opryland Hotel and it was so fun!! If you have never done the "Opryland Christmas" experience, you have got to make a trip to Nashville to see the lights, the Rockettes, the inside of the hotel, everything! It's all so awesome!

I mean just LOOK at those lights. I'm going to make David do all the trees in our yard JUST like that!

Here we are with the hosts for the night- Lori Ann Crook and Charlie Chase. They are the sweetest and we were first on their show at least 15 or so years ago. I told them that they make me mad because they NEVER age!!

Caroline and Darby each got to bring a friend. Here they are backstage in our tent relaxing. Darby is on the left, then Caroline's buddy from school Grace Anne, then Caroline, and Darby's friend Abby. They were all very sweet and had a great time!!

They did some fireworks right after our show, but I couldn't get a great picture of them. I mostly included this pic because our marketing guy John Clore is in it, and I know he has been DYING to be in our blog since he got the job at Word. Haven't you John??

Here are all the kids together...Price in the background, Spence's girlfriend Allie, and Spence. Can you believe how tall Spence is??? I can't take it. Darby Mae and Caroline really don't know what to think about Spence having a girlfriend. (Actually I don't know what to think about it either. Surely he's not old enough. 21 seems like a reasonable age to me.) Anyway, our girls are uber-protective of him...but I think Allie got the "thumbs up" from Darbs and Kooks because she's "reeeeally pretty." I felt bad for sweet Allie because the girls were staring at her all night. The younger girls are always enamored by the "big girls."

Thompson Square also performed. They sing that song "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not." They sounded GREAT and were super sweet.

After the performance and lighting, we got to go preview the "ICE" display for this year. It is all centered around the movie "Madagascar" as part of Opryland's new partnership with Dreamworks. Once again I was amazed at the ice sculptures (and how cold they have to keep it.) I had to get a picture of Grace Anne and Caroline in their blue coats...they looked SO CUTE. Like little sumo wrestlers. (Which means I looked like a big sumo wrestler.)

This is called "losing it"'s getting late.

COULD I LOOK BIGGER??????? Just to make myself feel better I will list what I had on under that blue coat.

1. undergarment
2. cami
3. thermal shirt
4. cardigan sweater
5. puffy down coat

So stop judging.

And have a great Thanksgiving...:0)