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Shelley Says...

Hello from Jamestown, NY. We are doing a show here tonight with Jason Castro!

It was a long drive and we just arrived, ate a quick lunch of lasagna inside the hall, and I came back on the bus to write my blog. I think the girls went to the hotel, but one can never be sure about internet there, so here I am.

There were 3 bags of these things sitting in the catering room. We decided they must be a local favorite and since we are visitors, we thought it would be ok to open one. They were DELISH.

Don't those just look so inviting. We thought so.

So apparently Jamestown, NY is the birthplace of Lucille Ball. Check it out...

They have a cute little theater named after her, too.

I seriously love when we sing downtown. Even though it snowy and FREEZING outside, it's so fun to look around and see what it's like. Today we are going to practice Christmas music for our upcoming Christmas shows. Check out here if we are heading your way. We have a new acapella Silent Night that we are working on. It's sounds pretty bad right now, but we are getting there! HA!

Just wanted you to see a little of what we were up to today.

Ya'll have a great weekend!


Room In the Inn

Denise is so right... Christmas is everywhere and everything is out!!! As a matter of fact, I spent this week decorating my home (most of it). I actually went to a decor class this Sat. to learn a few tips to stretch out my craftiness as well as update a much needed Christmas look. I love the new colors for Christmas - especially the celery green. I think it looks fabulous with red. Anyway... I crafted and crafted until I could craft no more.

The end result was 2 large wreaths, my mail box and my entrance both outside and inside. I am pooped!!! It takes so much work... how do people do so much more than I did... where do they find the time and the "elf's" to help? ( I will try to have some pics next time).

In the end, I am glad I took the time to go to the class and to finish most of my home. Since we are on the road most of December, the month of November is our time to truly enjoy our home at Christmas time. (Dana wanted me to put it up Oct 1st). And the decor does put me in the "Holiday" frame of mind.

Our Sunday school class got started on a Christmas tradition just this Monday. Our church helps support a fantastic organization called, Room In the Inn. A tremendous outreach to those less fortunate during these difficult times. Room In the Inn is a crisis support, hospitality, education, shelter and long-term solutions ministry. For more info. you can go to

So every Monday through the month of March our church provides shelter, meals and clothing for those that come. We never know exactly who will come but it is not uncommon for us to have women (because we have separate shower facilities ) as well as men. However, this time we had a family - Mom, Dad, a 4 yr. old, and a 2 yr. old. We also had a pregnant woman whose baby was to be born in 10 days. Please pray for these people, our prayers are indeed an extension of His hands and feet.

Each year we encourage our kids to come with us and help serve, etc... and BOY, did our kids serve. I think they took more of a blessing home with them than anyone!!

First the kids prepared a bag with notes, letters, scripture and candy for each person, while we adults were finishing up the food prep.

Next, we all sat and ate together with our guests. The kids took over the side of the table where the family and the children were (of course they did)... At first everyone was shy and then as time went on, you heard giggling and then more giggling.

After our meal our awesome S.S. teacher prepared a quick devotional but before he came one of our kids shared a song on guitar. Cooper, is a very talented musician already... he wrote this song and shared it with all of us that evening. The song was entitled, "Through it all". Perfect message gracefully done...

During clean up we noticed ALL our kids were"entertaining" the toddlers... one of our parents allowed the use of their I phone to take "silly" pictures. Once the children saw themselves on the phone, they just laughed and laughed...they thought that was so funny...However, once I started taking pictures, the 2yr. stopped laughing. I don't think she liked me getting in the way of "kid time". They are so cute!!!

If you are like me and are super busy during this time of year - remember to make "room" for those you love and take the time do something for someone else.

Many blessings, leigh

Shelley Says...

Your Weekly Encouragement From Point Of Grace

Over the past several weeks my Bible study has been in prep mode to begin reading the Bible chronologically. Which is not how it is written exactly. We are all really really excited about this, because we've admitted that even though we know isolated stories throughout the Bible, that not one of us have correct broad range understanding of the bigger perspective. I think most normal people could say that, actually. It's probably not until later in life that you would even be presented with opportunity to do a more chronological historical study. At first, I was thinking that it sounded really boring and that I was so far removed what happened at the beginning of creation that I wouldn't be able to stay focused or interested. But it's so weird how the opposite has happened. And we really haven't even cracked the surface.

There is one quote I read that really stood out to me, so I wanted to share it with you- if you have ever felt dumb about God and Bible history, or disinterested, or unmoved by it all, today's POG blog is to challenge you to jump back in and try again. See where you fit into God's big story-his redemption plan for the world. There's only one way.

"Begin reading your Bible this very day. The way to do a thing is to do it, and the way to read the Bible is actually to read it. It is not meaning, or wishing, or resolving, or intending or thinking about it, which will advance you one step. You must positively read...The words of Scripture must actually pass before your mind." -J.C. Ryle

Blessings to you!

Home For The Holidays Tour

Point of Grace is heading on the road this winter for the "Home For The Holidays Tour" starting December 1. Stay tuned for more details and updates from the road!

CLICK HERE for a complete list of tour dates.

Ahhhhh... Christmas is coming!!!

I'm starting to stress a little. Everywhere I turn, I'm starting to see Christmas Decorations or Christmas candy.

We have much to prepare for to get ready for the tour. I'm usually way ahead of getting my Christmas cards printed so that I can get them addressed early on the tour. I haven't even got a picture yet much less placed my order. Should I not mess with them this year? Would anyone really care?? Sometimes I wonder.

It was nice to be home this weekend. Friday night we went to our High School Football game. I would talk more about the game and my boys, but they are starting to get to the point that they don't want me to talk about their personal lives. So there ya go... I love games where it consist of cold weather, sweatshirts, and hot chocolate. Saturday we went to take Price to this audition for kids to be invited work with Disney. One of those cattle call type things.

He did get a call back, but I don't think we are quite ready to commit to the $$$ for these acting camps right now. It's fun to see him start to get interested in his own thing though. Mr. Mosby from "The suite Life of Zach and Cody" was there. Price was excited about that. I wasn't allowed to take a picture of him.

Then we went to see The Bordeaux Eagles play their first Championship game which they won. Next we headed to watch Price play 2 basketball games. Came home and watched the Sooners win.

Went to see the movie "Tower Heist" . It was pretty good. Language was more than I desire. Came home and watched LSU/Alabama and OSU/Kansas St. game.

Sunday was a sweet day of church and home. Not many of those days come around, so I was thankful.

Today I met my friends Kelley and Paige for a morning workout. Now it's over!! Thank the Lord. It's my catch up day. Try to get organized for the week. I cherish these times. It seems like days like this give me the calm I need to get through the crazy days:) I have time to be quiet, talk to God, do laundry, go through some of those paper stack piles. I pray that you start your week with a little peace as well. Even if it only last 10 minutes.

Have a blessed week:)