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Shelley Says...

Happy October 5th!!

We have been enjoying the most awesome weather here in Nashville lately. Fall in Nashville is just the best!

Three random things for today in my world....

First, my daughter has recently become completely obsessed with Monopoly.

She loves to play it, and I found out my friend Keely is obsessed as well. ( I continue to find out random facts about Keely who I swear has lived 9 lives already...) So tonight, at Caroline's invitation, there will be a big Monopoly game at the Breen house. She called Keely and invited her over to play, and she is already worried that we won't finish the game. I agreed with her that we wouldn't, as Monopoly takes a long time, but Keely has a plan to photograph the board so we can continue at a later date.


I am SO SO SO excited to be traveling to Little Rock this weekend for my 20 year college Homecoming at Ouachita Baptist University.

I am actually receiving an "Alumni Acheivement Award" at halftime, and I have NO idea what I'm going to wear. Oh, and I'm singing the national anthem as well. I'm so scared I'm gonna go all Christina Aguilera on it...I'm going to write cheat words on my hand just in case. She spooked me at the Super Bowl.

OBU holds such sweet memories for me, and I'm excited to show Caroline (and David) the beautiful campus.

Then, next weekend, we are heading to Florida for Girls of Grace. If you live anywhere remotely close to Jacksonville, Florida, and have a 6th through 12th grade girl, you CANNOT afford to miss this opportunity.

Click here for ticket info and all the deets.....

I hope you all have wonderful fall day...I'll try to take lots of pics from Homecoming!


Blast From The Past

Re-live Point of Grace's QVC visit and the experiences that went along with it in this "Blast From The Past"!

A Great Weekend!!

Happy Monday everyone! We literally just got home off the bus from a great weekend run. The bus rolled in at 6:00 a.m. I woke Spence up and we headed home for a quick shower and to pick up Price. Then hopped back in the car and headed to school. Caroline, Darby, and Spence got to travel with us this weekend, but Price had to stay home due to football. By the way, I'm really sad..... Football season is over for Spence and Price only has one game left:( It's been a good season for both boys. I can't believe that next year Spence will be on the High School football team!!!! STOP IT!!!!! i hope he can get some meat on his bones before then. Sure wish he could have some of mine. LOL!

We started the weekend off, by heading out Friday night to Marlboro, MD (DC Area) for Girls of Grace. As always, it was a fun and fulfilling day of spending time with these precious teenage girls and their Moms. Chris Wheeler was incredible, as always, along with everyone else. I'm so amazed at what God continues to do with this ministry.

However, this picture has nothing to do with the spiritual side of the day.. Mike Alley the wonderful promoter for the event brought us the famous "BERGER" cookies. Made in Baltimore if I'm correct. No joke, the assembly line for dipping the cookies in the chocolate is still done by the hands of two sweet little ladies. And you can tell it!!! Leigh was beside herself on how good they were.

After we finished the day, we got on the bus to head out. We were all excited because Jason Castro rode with us to our next show. Here's a picture of Jason and Spence. Yes, Spence of course had to put it on facebook:) He's a really sweet and talented young man. Shelley had to bombard him with the inner scoop of "American Idol". NO worries!! He shared nothing but good experiences:)

The next morning we woke up to the "cold" weather in Meadville, PA. What a beautiful city though. Did you know that the "Zipper" was invented in Meadville, PA? Pretty impressive stuff huh? We did a matinee show which always scares me because I feel like everyone is taking their Sunday nap in the concert, but we were pleasantly surprised. The crowd was fantastic. AND we got to see some of very special friends/fans after the show. We didn't even know they were coming. All of them have faithfully followed and encouraged us for years. Here is a picture of some of them.

From left to right between us. There is Erica, Jennifer, and Heather. Also Kenny and Renee were there, but didn't get in the photo. We appreciate ya'll so much. You are always a blessing to see:) After the show we headed back to Nashville. It is a first for us, but one that we were really excited about. Our bus driver had a "hot dog" machine on the bus. It's the little things that make you happy sometimes. Any way, we had to try it, so we made Dana run over to the store and by hotdogs and buns. I don't know what it is, but these hotdogs were amazing!

Our driver Chris said that you can buy your own at Rite Aid. FYI! We might have to make a stop this week. We also helped ourselves to some of Shelley's Mom's Salsa that was leftover from the Girls of Grace cooking segment. It's sooooo good!

It was a good weekend. As always, I'm glad to be home, but thankful that God lets me do this job:) Have a blessed week and be a blessing to others.


Shelley Says...

I really really really love fall. I'm not gonna say it's my very fave season because that would be Winter/Christmas...or is it summer/vacay??

I dunno.

That's one great thing about living in Nashville, we get ALL the seasons, and I loveeeeeee this time of year...

Because we are leaving for Baltimore in just a few hours to do Girls of Grace tomorrow, this will be short and sweet.

Six reasons I love fall...

These signs go up in Brentwood where I live about mid-September. They just make me happy.

My first pumpkin spice latte of the loves...even if they do spell my name wrong....

Seeing this outside the grocery store...gotta love Fresh's the same as other grocery stores except they make everything look prettier, then they charge more. And I pay it.

Sugar cookies from Puffy Muffin. Yep. You read that right. Puffy Muffin. Aptly named since they've been making my muffin top puffier and puffier for years.

Did you see this on my Twitter the other day? Worth repeating. The very large wooden fruit bowl on my island becomes the Candy Corn Holy of Holies. Two weeks ago it was spilling over. I'll show you another pic around October 30th.

And my very fave. Our firepit. Right now is the perfect weather for pitting. This is where we sit most nights after dinner for awhile. It's one of the few places Caroline actually has conversations with us. Or we play a game around it. Or I just ignore David and Caroline and look at my ipad.

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the FALL!

A "Friendly" Reminder

Had the best time this past weekend with my bff from College. She and I met 22 years ago this month, became roommates in college and the rest is history - literally. We actually made some more history this past weekend ... Cindy has been to the Opry before but not since it has been remodeled from the 2010 floods...and since POG was invited to sing last Friday, guess who tagged along?

Saturday was a delight for us both - we went "junkin' "...we laughed over the silliest nonsense things - LOVE friends like that!!! Once again the Nashville flea market did not disappoint!! Cindy walked away with a lasso rope (a real ole' one) to put in her youngest son's room, a horse (not one you ride, a decorative one) and she came very close at getting a saddle for her REAL horse back home - tough decision but it was between a saddle or decorative pillows - she went with the pillows.

I, on the other hand, went mostly for moral support AND to hold all of her cash... but if you know me, you know I did not leave empty handed... I found an old two headed lamp from the 30's. The lady I bought it from said it came out of a home of a true hoarder. Have y'all seen that show 'Hoarders'? OMG, we watch it ALL the time...I thought that was so cool and mysterious - so I had to get it - a real bargain - $25.00.

We found so many wonderful things but her car was not going to be able to carry them back to S.C. so instead we took pictures and wrote down ideas and when she gets back home she can go junkin' again with a much larger vehicle. LUCKY!!!

Saturday evening was an opportunity to eat dinner in our pj's and watch a movie... (except after dinner, I couldn't hold my eyes open) it's much harder to stay up in the wee hours now than back in college. Sorry Cindy... "Me Maw" worked too hard shopping I guess.

Sunday was another gorgeous day in Nashville...POG was scheduled to sing at the Fontanel (mentioned in Shelley's earlier blog) that afternoon. None of us had ever been there...Cindy joined us and our families for Sunday brunch, music and some inflatable slides - nothin' but the best for my guest!! Since a gift shop was attached to the Fontanel, us girls had one last shopping opportunity before she headed home the next morning. Look how cool this shirt is... (I love the banjo on it).

Having great friends is a priceless gift!! We consider you fans as much our friends as anyone. Thank you so much for staying connected to us and for supporting all we do. I pray you will have opportunities this fall season to enjoy the company of your dear friends. Life would not be the same without them!!!

Blessings from your friend, Leigh