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Shelley Says...

I really really really love fall. I'm not gonna say it's my very fave season because that would be Winter/Christmas...or is it summer/vacay??

I dunno.

That's one great thing about living in Nashville, we get ALL the seasons, and I loveeeeeee this time of year...

Because we are leaving for Baltimore in just a few hours to do Girls of Grace tomorrow, this will be short and sweet.

Six reasons I love fall...

These signs go up in Brentwood where I live about mid-September. They just make me happy.

My first pumpkin spice latte of the loves...even if they do spell my name wrong....

Seeing this outside the grocery store...gotta love Fresh's the same as other grocery stores except they make everything look prettier, then they charge more. And I pay it.

Sugar cookies from Puffy Muffin. Yep. You read that right. Puffy Muffin. Aptly named since they've been making my muffin top puffier and puffier for years.

Did you see this on my Twitter the other day? Worth repeating. The very large wooden fruit bowl on my island becomes the Candy Corn Holy of Holies. Two weeks ago it was spilling over. I'll show you another pic around October 30th.

And my very fave. Our firepit. Right now is the perfect weather for pitting. This is where we sit most nights after dinner for awhile. It's one of the few places Caroline actually has conversations with us. Or we play a game around it. Or I just ignore David and Caroline and look at my ipad.

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the FALL!

A "Friendly" Reminder

Had the best time this past weekend with my bff from College. She and I met 22 years ago this month, became roommates in college and the rest is history - literally. We actually made some more history this past weekend ... Cindy has been to the Opry before but not since it has been remodeled from the 2010 floods...and since POG was invited to sing last Friday, guess who tagged along?

Saturday was a delight for us both - we went "junkin' "...we laughed over the silliest nonsense things - LOVE friends like that!!! Once again the Nashville flea market did not disappoint!! Cindy walked away with a lasso rope (a real ole' one) to put in her youngest son's room, a horse (not one you ride, a decorative one) and she came very close at getting a saddle for her REAL horse back home - tough decision but it was between a saddle or decorative pillows - she went with the pillows.

I, on the other hand, went mostly for moral support AND to hold all of her cash... but if you know me, you know I did not leave empty handed... I found an old two headed lamp from the 30's. The lady I bought it from said it came out of a home of a true hoarder. Have y'all seen that show 'Hoarders'? OMG, we watch it ALL the time...I thought that was so cool and mysterious - so I had to get it - a real bargain - $25.00.

We found so many wonderful things but her car was not going to be able to carry them back to S.C. so instead we took pictures and wrote down ideas and when she gets back home she can go junkin' again with a much larger vehicle. LUCKY!!!

Saturday evening was an opportunity to eat dinner in our pj's and watch a movie... (except after dinner, I couldn't hold my eyes open) it's much harder to stay up in the wee hours now than back in college. Sorry Cindy... "Me Maw" worked too hard shopping I guess.

Sunday was another gorgeous day in Nashville...POG was scheduled to sing at the Fontanel (mentioned in Shelley's earlier blog) that afternoon. None of us had ever been there...Cindy joined us and our families for Sunday brunch, music and some inflatable slides - nothin' but the best for my guest!! Since a gift shop was attached to the Fontanel, us girls had one last shopping opportunity before she headed home the next morning. Look how cool this shirt is... (I love the banjo on it).

Having great friends is a priceless gift!! We consider you fans as much our friends as anyone. Thank you so much for staying connected to us and for supporting all we do. I pray you will have opportunities this fall season to enjoy the company of your dear friends. Life would not be the same without them!!!

Blessings from your friend, Leigh

Your Weekly Encouragement from Point of Grace

More Than Anything...

How can we come to understand God's love for us? First and foremost, we must remember what He did for each individual person- that means me and you- by allowing His Son to die on the cross. The Bible tells us that we are sinners and the wage of sin is death. In this case, death means the presence of hell and the absence of heaven, for all eternity. But God, because of His love for us, didn't want us to endure what we deserve, so He sent His only Son to die as a sacrifice for me and for you. That God would do this for us proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that He really does love people more than anything.

"More than anything"- that means that to God, nothing comes before us. My own priorities often get way out of whack, but God's never do. In every circumstance, no matter what we are going through, we can be assured that God loves us more than anything.

I have found that when I ask God to comfort me with the assurance of His love, He faithfully honors that request. In God's love is where you find self-worth and confidence, not to mention the most significant love of your life.

This is a super old song that we still sing sometimes...listen and let it remind you of what we all need to hear most.

love and blessings,

The Fun and Fit Group

I told you that in an earlier blog, the girls and I have been working out together with some other friends. We call it the "Fun and Fit" group. I don't know how fit we are, but we do have fun:) Today I would like for you to meet them.

I suppose I should start with our leader. Paige - Our Trainer

Married to another Stuart... (other than mine) Mom of Luke, Lane, and Levi. We all hate her because she can wear those spandex pants and look amazing! Whatever! But none of us want to work as hard as she does to achieve that perfection. Notice her tshirt today. None of us would say that:)

Here's Shelley - She was not excited about my taking pictures this morning.

Of course you already know her. She always has something funny to say to make us laugh. Working out is just not the same without her.

Then there is Leigh -

We make fun of her pushups, but she has a great attitude about the whole thing. She is very aware of the time clock and makes sure that Paige doesn't get busy and forget to tell us to "SWITCH"!

Sweet Kelley - I call her KT

Married to Scott ... Mom of Wynne, Will, and Watson. Most of the time, Kelley is super sweet and positive. One of my favorite people in the world. However, when we have to do squats too long an evil monster comes out and she might yell a little bit. (which makes us all die laughing)


Married to Rick.... Mom of George, Steve, and John . George is Spence's best friend since kindergarten. She's the more serious of the bunch. ALL BUSINESS. Being the organized brain that she is, she wants to make sure she's doing everything right. She will laugh and cut up with the rest of us, but she definitely comes with a purpose to get a good workout in. We have basketball in common. I suppose once a jock, always a jock. She and I act as if we are trying hard to please the coach. The others don't really care that much.

Kirsten -

Married to Rob.... Mom of Caleb, Sarah, and Ben. I don't even know where to start with her. She's hilarious and always has a smart comeback to anything that is said. She and Shelley are neighbors. I'm not sure which one is funnier. It's a definite toss up. She makes us mad too because her legs are so long, she can eat anything she wants and the food has a place to go besides the middle like the rest of us.

Last but not least is Michele -Married to Tim... Mom of Unfortunately she had to miss today. I think Paige hurt us too much last time and she's still recovering. No, not really. But she did have to miss today. She is so sweet and doesn't know what in the world to think of us. I'm not sure what she expected, but I know that we weren't at all what she thought we'd be like.

And Here is me..... They made me put my picture in too because we all look so terrible...

Okay, well that is the gang. I'm not exactly sure what Paige has in store for us today, but she mentioned "inner thighs" OUCH!!! Nothing about that sounds fun. Here's what I didn't tell you about these girls..... They have been a life line for me over the past few weeks. God never intended for us to walk life alone and I'm so thankful He has put each of these ladies in my life. They love me unconditionally and have held me up when I couldn't hold myself up. They are sisters in Christ and have been there to remind me of his steadfast love. They have been the hands and feet of Jesus. I hope that you have a "Circle of Friends" that do the same for you.

Have a blessed day and if you've got some friends like these in your life, make sure you tell them how much you love and appreciate them.

Celebrating Word's 60th Anniversary

Yesterday, we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Word Entertainment at Nashville's historic Fontanel Mansion. The Word staff and family members gathered together Sunday afternoon for some outdoor festivities (the bounce house was a huge hit!), brunch and snacks, and live music from Point of Grace. The ladies from POG played some of their very first hits as well as current fan favorites.

Here are some pics from yesterday's event:

Kicking off the set at Fontanel

Denise singing "Blue Skies"

The Word family

More of Word staff members & their families

- Team POG