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Point of Grace Reflects On 9/11

Denise spoke with about the events of 9/11 and shared her thoughts and reflections. You can read the special feature HERE.

Also, take a look at this feature on AOL's The Boot about Point of Grace's cover of "Hole In The World." Read it HERE.

Planes, Captain Hook, And Friends

I am typing my blog as we speak on the airplane...we r returning from Tucson, AZ and Newport News, VA.- we went coast to coast in just 2 1/2 days.

We had a fantastic time in Newport News!! It was a very early airport call so no time for hikes or other adventurous exercise, however, we did have time to eat lunch thanks to our driver Tommy.

Our show was on the campus of Christopher Newport University named after the original Captain Hook (according to Tommy) but you might want to check your history books just to be safe.

We had a matinee with Jaci V. and Salvador- good times and great peeps!!! Shelley took a picture on her camera...sorry.

It was great visiting with our dear friends, Brennan and Sarah...we loved visitation and the deluxe choc chip cookies they brought us ...hee hee! So "sweet" of them.

Later that evening we joined our efforts with a wonderful international church planting ministry called, ICM. We had the honor and privilege to meet some tremendous heroes of the faith...from all over the world - Pakistan, China, Peru, Columbia, Korea and so much more. It was our delight to celebrate 25 years with them that evening in song! We send our prayers and our sincere gratitude for all ICM is doing to build the Kingdom for Christ!!!

We took so many pictures that night but not with my camera...I wished I had one for you to see...

Our next early morning airport call would bring us to Tucson, AZ. Once we landed we grabbed our two rental cars and headed to our hotel. The girls and Michael had some extra time to maybe do some sightseeing... Shelley did some snooping around via internet and found this great organic restaurant. It was located in the city -right near the AZ University. Such a cute place...lots of shops and cafe's. However, the first destination did not meet our appetite needs (healthy of course) so we had to venture off to another location and so glad we did. We found a jewel of a joint called Wilko...whew wee!!! It was so unique and delicious!!

Take a look at what I had.

A chicken breast sandwich with mint slaw drizzled with curry garlic mustard- yee haw that was some good eatin!!! Oh, and for an appetizer we had rosemary mint cashews - who would have ever thunk it?....crazy good!!

Nothing like a great meal to get u ready for a great show! The people of Tucson were absolutely FANTASTIC!!! They had to have been one of the most enthusiastic crowds in some time.

As a matter a fact we got to see Penny again.

We met Penny 15 years ago in Seattle, Washington where she shared her story of being on the brink of suicide, heard our song "The Great Divide" on the radio and from the actual location...she said the Lord ministered to her heart through song and now 15 years later we see her again sharing another great story.

If you notice in the picture her hair is blue, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and on Wednesday will be having surgery (a brand new type of surgery) to stop the disease. She wanted to go all out by coloring her hair blue.

Would you join POG in praying for Penny this Wednesday? If this surgery works, it could change the lives for millions of people. Amen!!!

I can't think of a better note to end on than PRAYER!!!

Thanks again to our fans in Newport News, Tucson AZ., ICM and the wonderful volunteers that help our shows run smoothly!! God bless you all and God Bless America!!!! Amen and Amen!!



Hallelujah!! I'm so happy. We are TIRED. Getting up for school this morning was not easy. Lost our ballgame last night, but it was okay. It was a very close game and made for an exciting ending. Just wish the points would've made it up on the board to get the win, but that's okay. This morning I went to my Mom's prayer group at school. I'm always amazed that they Lord will share things with me and then reinforce them again by a speaker or sermon or something. Same thing happened to me this morning. As I spent some time with the Lord this morning I was just feeling quite overwhelmed. There is so much pain in this world. It seems like more and more people I know are struggling with major illnesses or a death in the family. Then you take time to think about 9/11. I can't believe it's been 10 years. All of that to say, life can be overwhelming. Here is a scripture that I was reminded of this morning.

Ps. 91:14-15 The Lord says, "I will save the one who loves me. I will keep him safe, because he trusts in me. He will call out to me, and I will answer him. I will be with him in times of trouble. I will rescue him and honor him."

He hasn't forgotten us. He is with us every moment. When the roar of the waves in your ears threatens to drown out the sound of His voice, let Him pull you into His arms and tell you how much He loves you. Remember the song we recorded years ago "God is With Us"? I LOVE this song. We pulled it back out and put it on our newest CD. Take a listen and let it minister to you today.

After our prayer group, I got to go to Leigh's house for an awesome brunch. My parents had never been to Dana and Leigh's house, so I had asked if we could drop by sometime this week. Well, she went way overboard, but made the Baked Oatmeal and her Sausage Casserole from our cookbook. YUM!! Here's Dana, Leigh, my Mom and Dad.

So sweet of her. Thanks Leigh!

We are so excited because we are in the "Country Weekly" this edition. Make sure that you stop by the grocery store and pick up a copy. It was really fun because our kids got to be in the article. Here is a picture of the cover and the article, so that you can find it.

Now here is some pics that I took that are behind the scenes that didn't make it into the cover.

They had sooo much fun. Thought they were so cool to get to be in a magazine. That's all for today. I pray you have a great weekend. And as you remember those who lost so much in the sad day of September 11th, remember to thank God that he is still with us every second of every day.



Happy Birthday Caroline

Shelley says...

Today my baby turns nine. It makes me sad for two reasons. 1. She is getting older and more self-sufficient. 2. My excuse of "I need to lose this baby weight..." is getting REALLY lame.

I am so proud of her. She is a sweet, smart, happy and content kid. She knows her limits, has a small circle of friends, and really loves just being home. I could really learn a few things from her.

Caroline has recently gotten "back into" American Girl Doll stuff. She is funny, she sorta goes from one thing to another...a few months ago, it was Calico Critters, and we were all in. But things change quickly around here. And when we like something, we love something.

We started reading the Addy books this summer from the American Girl Civil War series. Caroline began talking about wanting to go to one of the stores. So my neighbor and I planned a little trip over Labor Day weekend to Atlanta with the girls to visit the store there and to celebrate her birthday early.

Caroline was in heaven. That's all I can say. If a perfect Mother/Daughter trip exists, this is it.

Here they are about to go into the store with their dolls.

They could hardly contain their excitement. I was so excited too. There's something about all that doll stuff that takes me back.

They got their dolls hair done, ears pierced, (Caroline isn't allowed to have hers done until she's 13, so that was little hard to explain why I was ok with her getting her doll's done) and then we had little birthday lunch in the bistro. This was a huge cake for four of us. I ended up tossing half of it...ugh.

Caroline really wanted to get her doll the "flute" set. She has been saying for months that she wants to play the flute. I told her when we could practice piano without complaining for a whole week, we would talk about it. Don't think we'll be taking up the flute anytime soon. Sarah actually plays the violin, so here are their dolls with their instruments.

I just had to show you this because it's creepy on some levels to me. hahahahahaha...

"Hi, we are Nicole and Josefina. At night we come into your room and kill you with our instruments..."

I dunno. Anyone else get that vibe??

On a serious note, we made great memories last weekend. I am so grateful for the downtime with Caroline.

Here she is getting ready to go home....did I mention that they have matching outfits...I mean seriously...

Those are Kirsten's glasses but she couldn't resist looking exactly like Nicole.

Who knows, maybe one day when I'm old and gray, Caroline will read this post...

if so...


Love, Mom

A Mid-Week Update From Denise

Sorry everyone!! Today is a pretty lame blog. I don't have any photos or ANYTHING fun to look at. But don't we all have those days? Just kinda the mundane sort of day? Yesterday I got the dreaded phone call from school that my oldest Spence is sick. GREAT!!! He has his biggest football game yet this week and now he's got fever. It's been going around school. So of course it changes all of the plans for the rest of the day that you thought you had made:) Spent the evening nursing him and pumping him up with Vitamin C and drinking tons of liquids. He's headed to school this morning feeling better. I hope it lasts through the day. Missing a day at school is brutal to catch up on in the 8th grade.

My parents have been here visiting. That's always fun. I thought I took some pics of them with the boys, but it's on their camera and we don't have the cords to transfer them. I wish they lived closer to me. It's so nice to have them come to ballgames etc. We went to see "The Help" this weekend on our rainy Labor Day. Of course I can't complain about the rain because they live in OK and would LOVE to have this rain. The poor farmers in OK have really had it hard this year.

I do want to encourage ya'll to get out to see a new movie called "Seven Days in Utopia" . My friend knows this family and this is what she said about the movie. It is a wonderful family movie about restoring purpose in a life gone astray. A MUST SEE!! It stars Robert Duvall, Lucas Black & Melissa Leo. It is based on the best selling book, Golf's Scared Journey by David Cook. Here is the clip: We hope to go see it this weekend.

Yesterday we started our "FUN AND FIT" workout group. I PROMISE to get some pictures or video, but no one would let me on the first day. One day, I will blog and introduce you to some of my dear friends who are doing it with me. Paige is my trainer. She is coming over with a group of 8 of us at my house one day a week and we are doing a group workout. It really makes working out much more fun. Shelley and Leigh are in it as well. I don't know about them, but I am sooooo sore today. It's hard to sit on the toilet because my legs hurt so bad.

Today I'm pumped up!! My FRA Mom's bible study starts up. We are using Kelly Minter's study "No Other God's". I always look forward to these days. Meeting with women and praying and talking about our struggles. I'm thankful that God calls us to have relationship with one another in the body of Christ. I wish I practiced my guitar more because I would be a much better worship leader, but I'm thankful to my friend Diane who helps me out tremendously.

So, on that note, I really do have to run. I will leave you with the verse I have written on my brand new chalkboard for my kitchen:)

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to Your Name, Oh Most High, to declare Your steadfast love in the morning, and Your faithfulness by night. For you, Oh Lord, have made me glad by your work, at the work of you hands I sing for joy. Ps 92:1-2, 4

Love you,