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At The Fair

POG had a fantastic time yesterday in Philippi, W. Va at the Barbour County Fair. POG has never been to Philippi, but we certainly hope to return. We seldom get the opportunity to "see" the surrounding area of where we actually play. Often times you go from the bus to the hotel and then hotel to the venue and then back to bus...However, our fun began with a lovely walk in the woods just near the fair grounds... (did I mention the temp was about 80 degrees with NO humidity?) Just a bit of exercise is necessary especially when around fair food (a weakness for each of us girls).

And a lovely walk it was... Michael (our pianist and friend) Shelley and Denise just taking in the fresh air.

We even ran into King and Kate, the horses. The owner is keeping them cool in the woods before all the fair peeps come. So sweet... (I am holding my nose but they really didn't smell).

After our walk, we ran into the most beautiful pink pig we all have ever seen! It looked as pretty as all the pictures you see in books and the movies. We asked the owner what this pig's name was but they informed us the pig didn't have a name. They don't give the pigs they will slaughter a name... what?... That's right, they will eventually have to chop ole "Wilbur" up - it IS the circle of life and I DO love me some bacon!!

Speaking of food, we were now ready for some vittles... would you know our awesome host/driver owned a pizzeria just down the road. This place was no ordinary pizza joint. The dough and pizza sauce are made fresh every morning and the hoagies were a prize too. We would enjoy the pizza's later after the show (and they were fantastic) but for lunch each of us tried something alittle different. I had the Philly steak cheese hoagie and I had them substitute the green peppers for banana peppers - whoa whee!!! It was out of this world delicious. Next time you pass through Philippi, W. Va., stop by the Hometown Pizzeria and enjoy a hoagie or a pizza pie!! You want be sorry!! (Ya'll they even had a Ms. Pac Man arcade game!)

These folks were so hospitable! On our drive back to the venue (after stuffing our faces) the host/driver, Heather, mentions to us the lady that is fixing our dinner is famous for fixing a "Thanksgiving" feast for ALL the fair artists every year. (I can't even think about food right now... and we are leaving for dinner in about 2 1/2 hrs - how is a girl suppose to keep her girlish figure with these temptations?) Boy, did they ever have a feast... turkey, meatballs, ham (Wilbur), stuffing, green beans, sweet potato soufflé, homemade rolls, rigatoni, slaw, strawberry spinach salad and SSSSsssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more. Then the dessert table - German choc. cake, choc. delight, upside down pineapple cake, cheese cake with cherries, cream cheese tart (and that is just what I ate)... Seriously too much to even remember.

That is a hint of the kindness we were shown and are constantly shown everywhere we go! Thank you again to all the wonderful people we met in Philippi we look forward to seeing you again very soon!!!

p.s. thanks to the gentlemen that brought to our signing table some fresh HOT corndogs - the madness never ends!!!

Hope everyone is "stuffed" today with God's blessings and His presence in their life, leigh capp

Your Weekly Encouragement from Point of Grace


Give me a "B"

We can all use a cheerleader in this game of life, because we all need encouragement from time to time. Life can be hard, and we need someone who can cheer us on and pick us up when we fall down. We need someone who can encourage us when we feel defeated. A cheerleader knows how to find the positive in the negativity of life and invites us to take a NEW look.

Barnabas, was the apostle Paul's personal cheerleader. In fact, Barnabas's name means "son of encouragement"! Paul was a formidable persecutor of Christians, costing many of them their lives. When he was converted and became a follower of Christ, the Christians in Jerusalem were afraid of him and wouldn't have anything to do with him. Who could blame them?

Barnabas, however, believed in Paul, took him around to the other believers and convinced them to take him in. His willingness to stand beside Paul resulted in a long-lasting, trusting relationship between the two men.

I have been blessed to have great encouragers in my life as well. As a matter of fact just this morning one of my "cheerleaders" called me and reminded me being broken and crushed can be a great place to be - it causes us to depend on God completely and that is when we grow.

I am uncertain of where you are in your heart or even your mental state of mind but recently I have been privileged to have conversations with some of my cheerleaders and maybe their words of encouragement/wisdom will bless you as it has me. Here are a few of them that I wrote down in my journal:

* "Friends are for a reason, a season, a lifetime."
* "Don't navigate the crooked places - let God make them straight."
* "God took your place of shame and brought YOU to a place of grace."
* "Don't waste your sorrow!"
* "My tears were used more than my words ever did."

Whether you need encouragement or extend encouragement today - we have biblical proof it will reap great benefits - and that does a heart good!!

Acts 9:26 - 15:39

-Leigh, Shelley, & Denise

Shelley Says...

Last Saturday morning I took a little trip by myself to the Farmer's Market. I couldn't convince anyone to go with me, even with the promise of a Krispy Kreme visit on the way home.
(Went anyway cause we all know I was the one that really wanted them in the first place.) I always, always, always buy way more than my family of 3 plus dog could ever consume. I just get so excited when I see all those fruits and vegetables sitting out and looking pretty that I can't help myself.

Anyway, I love sweet corn in the summer so much, so of course I bought a huge bag. I told the lady taking my money that most likely half of it would end up in the trash...such a crime. Then she said something that is my mother's answer to pretty much everything in life..."Why don't you just freeze it?" I have a little issue with freezing. I just feel like you can always tell that whatever you are eating was once frozen. The lady swore the corn "froze up real good."

So yesterday, I tried to remember exactly how she told me to "put it up". I think it's actually gonna be good. And hopefully, in a few months when it's cold outside, I will pull out a bag, heat it up, and think of summer.

In case you have an over abundance like me, here's how ya do it...

Shuck that corn. I had seven ears left. Get all the pesky white hairs off. No one wants to see those.

Cut it off the husk. (See my Nespresso machine in the background. 8th wonder of the world.)

Put the kernels in a frying pan with a hunk of butter. Hunk = 2 tbsp. or Ryan Gosling

Add a couple pinches of kosher salt, some fresh ground pepper, and about a half tablespoon of sugar.

Saute' the corn for about 10 minutes over medium high heat until it's crisp cooked.

Then, take a tablespoon of flour...

You like my awesome Young Chef's Academy measuring spoon?? Thanks.

and add about 1/3 cup of milk to it. (Or half and half if you're smart) Mix it together with a fork and add it to the corn.

Looky there...

Continue cooking for another 5 minutes or so. It will become KINDA like a cream corn, but not soupy at all. Just complete goodness.

Cool it off, and baggie it up...

Then just freeze 'em like the lady said. Reheat over medium low heat and pray it doesn't taste frost bit...that's what I'm gonna do.

I'll let ya know...

Later gators,

PS I know this looked like a super poor attempt at copying a Pioneer Women blog post. I don't care.

Blast From The Past

In this month's "Blast From The Past" video, Point of Grace plays in Sidney, OH where the girls witness Leigh's baton twirling skills, try a new fair food, and play a show!

Tell us your favorite "Blast From The Past" video at and we may feature it here next month.

Monday Mornings

We all have them. Those days where the unexpected can bring about some challenges in your day that you weren't planning on. Of course, mine happened this morning. I didn't really know what I was going to blog about today, so at least it gave me something to talk about. Mondays are very long for my boys and we had some extra things to add into the day. Price is running for 5th grade President at school. Today is the first day of campaigning, so he wanted to get there early to put up his poster and hand out some magnets for his friends lockers. etc. I meant to take a picture of his poster to show you, but forgot. However, here is a pic of the pencils we made this weekend for him to handout.

Of course his Slogan is "The PRICE is Right" for 5th Grade President. Anyway, he's all excited and actually took a quick shower this morning instead of the usual 15 min. They both had brought home all of their football gear home to be washed this weekend, so their bags are full to take all of it back to school. Had to make sure they had a snack today. yada yada.

So we load up the car and turn the key. NOTHIN! Battery is dead. So, I put it in neutral and Spence pushes it out of the garage. Stu has a rent car right now because his car was in the shop. Neither of us are mechanically minded and we've never seen a battery like the one in this car. We tried jumping it, but nothing happened. Stu is unfortunately heading to Spring Hill today for his clinic and it's not good to leave the patients waiting so he's going to have to get going. Thankfully, my neighbors Dan and Patti are super sweet. He was about to leave for work and has an extra car. So, he let us drive one of his. Of course, all of this takes at least 15 minutes which means we are stuck in the heavier traffic and will be a few minutes late to school.

Stop right there........ These are the moments when you can either get completely frustrated and snippy (which sometimes happens) or you can show your kids that everything is still okay and that it's not the end of the world. Today in God's Grace, I chose the latter. (I wish I could say, that I always did that, but I can't) So, we unload my car and load up in Dan's. We grabbed our "Jesus Calling" kids version from the car and headed down the road. My goal is for us to sit at the table in the morning and read our Jesus Calling together, but some mornings when we are rushing out the door, we will take it in the car and Price is our designated reader. So, as we are driving I asked Price to pull it out. I think we might need to see what was written for today. Well, today's devotional was based on Proverbs 16:3 "Depend on the Lord in whatever you do. Then your plans will succeed." Part of the thoughts she wrote said this....

"Put aside all the things you have to do and refuse to worry about what time it is. " (haha God's so funny with his timing) " Don't even look at the clock. By waiting with Me before you start your day, you are saying that you trust Me to be in complete control. "

Anyway, it was a good time for us to all put that into practice. God is in control. Today and every day. He does not change and He is always faithful. Maybe your day started out crazy. If so, I hope this encouraged you as it did me. My schedule is now a little off for the rest of the morning. I did come back and jump my car with Dan's car and low and behold it started. Yay for me!!! I took it to the mechanic and they said that my battery and alternator tested fine. Hmmmmm. They think maybe it was my phone charger that drained the battery. I don't usually have it plugged in. I hope they are right. We've got two POG meetings today and I've got about an hours worth of singing in the studio to get done. I may have to skip working out today. oh darn:)

I do quickly want to show you a few pics from Price's first football game this weekend. I know you are probably sick of the football pics, so this will be the last one. However, I had to get one with him in his uniform. So cute. After he walked off the field from playing a little bit, I could see his shoulders standing a little taller and he had this small strut that I've never seen before. Funny how football can boost their "manhood".

This is after they had their first win and are coming off the field.

Spence and I had the chance to go see the "Bordeaux Eagles" play as well on Saturday. They played awesome! I talked about the Eagles over the summer, but their coaches are doing an amazing job. I was also blown away that one of their teachers came to the game to check in with the coaches on how the boys are doing in school, etc. VERY IMPRESSIVE! Thank you all of you teachers out there who really CARE about the lives of their students. Here's a picture of Spence and his best friend George with "Lil Nice" and "Too Short". I LOVE how everyone on their team has nicknames. Makes me laugh.

Well, I suppose I better get in the shower since I haven't done that. I hope you have a blessed day. Take some time to think about what God has done for you. It will make you smile.