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Shelley Says...

I really do love reading other people's blogs. In some ways, it's taken the place of casual magazine reading for me. I love food blogs, restaurant blogs, nice hotel blogs, and random people blogs. The other day I was reading a girl's blog that my friend Keely told me about forever ago. Her name is Kelly Stamps and her blog is at She went to Ouachita (my alma mater) but is much younger than me! I never knew her, until this blog. It's really just a blog about her life, kids, etc., but I love how her sweet spirit comes across in her writing, and how she is honest in her struggles with balancing everything that motherhood brings. One day she did a "Day in the Life" blog. It was really cute!

After I read it, I thought to myself..."the next time I don't have a specific topic to write about in my blog, I shall copy Kelly and do "A Day in the Life." it goes...

We wake up at 6:50 at the Breen house. I wake up Caroline, and would you believe to this day, I still carry her to the couch. It's getting close to impossible, she's getting really heavy. But I think it's sweet. I've done it ever since I've had to wake her up for school. She lays on the couch and watches a tv show for about 15 minutes to wake up, while her dad gets ready to bring her to school. I make her snack for school, her lunch, and her breakfast. It has been a fruit smoothie every day so far this year. She is just not a breakfast eater. Unless it's 10:30. I am the same way. Give me a good espresso and I'm good to go.

Today after they left for school I went to the grocery store. I seriously go almost everyday. I am making Chicken Enchiladas tomorrow night (it's Wednesday night, hump day, so my good friend, favorite bachelor, POG piano player Michael Passons is coming for dinner.) I try to feed him once a week so at least he gets one home-cooked meal!!

After I got home, I decided that since I spent 220 bucks last spring for some Yoga class passes that I should use them.

I go to this place called Yoga Country. My friend Amber told me about it...she is our stylist. She also has a yoga body.

I really want to look like her.

So I go.

So far, it's not working, but it's only been a day.

This is a picture of the studio. Super nice people there and it smells like incense. So that's nice.

Before you judge me...I know yoga is kinda new agey. But it's not weird at this place. I promise.

I took the "Slow Flow" class today. It should have just been called "Hamstring Murder" class.

After yoga, I came home and cleaned up the house and did some laundry.

Then my neighbor Kirsten and I did something we have truly never done as long as I have had a pool.

We laid at it.

With no kids.


And read magazines.

I seriously felt really guilty, but not guilty enough to not do it.

We told ourselves last week that ONE day after the kids got back in school we were gonna pretend we were on vacation.

I'm not gonna lie. It was awesome.

But had I written this "Day in the Life" blog any other day, I assure you, this would not have been in here.

Gosh...Yoga and pool...

We're so Housewives of Beverly Hills. I should have picked a different day to tell you about now that I'm thinking about it. This is actually anything but typical. Oh well.

I cleaned house a little more and tried to make a dent in the ironing basket before I went to get Caroline from school.

After school, it's one episode of "Good Luck Charlie" then homework...

Today we did data graphs and categorized spelling words by syllables.

Good times.

She is LOVING LIFE. Look at that!

I then made an awesome dinner (not) of Polish Sausage, Mac and Cheese, Broccoli, and Salad.

Then, we FINALLY got our rug in that we had ordered for our living room. David and I wrestled with the furniture until we got it under the couch just right!

I love it.

I'm just so scared that the cute dog you see on the couch is going to pee on it the first time I leave the house.

Like, so scared.

I swear if she does I will take her to the taxidermist.

After dinner, we had a slight meltdown because she hasn't gotten to really play with the neighbors much this week because they have had homework and soccer stuff. So dad made it all better when he told Caroline she could sleep in our bed tonight and he would sleep in the guest room. For some reason this is a treat to her, (and to me, on occasion, because there is a slight snoring thing that happens...)

So such ends our day. It is about 8:30 now, and I'm about to retire to the couch with this...

Because all I've ever wanted to be was a skinny cow...

love to you, Shelley

PS I almost FORGOT the highlight of my day. Even over laying out.

These came in the mail. They are for my Nespresso machine and I love love love the purple pods..they're called Arpeggio and I have been out forever and finally ordered a huge stash.

I cannot wait till tomorrow morning now...yeehaw...

The "COOL" Pool

This past weekend was one of the few that we will have left in this year for the POG kids to get to just "hang out" together. Once school gets in full swing, it's tough to coordinate our schedules so that all of our kids can play together. Even though Spence is getting so much older than the rest of them, its sweet to see that he still loves hanging with Darby Mae and Caroline. So, Saturday we went to "THE COOL POOL". This is in reference to a fantastic family that opens their home and pool up to many people in their community. I love it when God blesses someone and they take that blessing and choose to bless others by it. My boys have been wanting to go all summer long and we have not made it there. So, this was a chance to fulfill my promise that I would take them.

Here are some shots of their fun day.

They also had fun playing on this teeter totter that is WAY too small for them.

They were suppose to all be holding hands, but Spence jumped a little too high for Darby.

The "Cool" Pool added another fun addition that I didn't know about. The ZIP line. When Leigh was telling me what it was, I thought it zipped you into a lake, but that is not the case. Spence called this landing an epic fail. Thank goodness Price was not hurt.

Anyway, it was fun to watch them enjoy the day together. None of us have actual family that live in town, so the POG kids are more like cousins in a way. I love that they enjoy each other's company. After a few tough days of our start to school, it was a nice retreat. I will say that it was a blessing to pick up my kids yesterday from school and both had smiles on their faces. It made a good start to our week. I'm thankful that routine has set back in for a little while. I know I'll be wishing for a break from it soon, but for now I'm feeling a little more settled. What is on your list to accomplish once you start getting back into routine? Clean out a closet? Start a bible study? Go on a diet?? One of my goals is to start exercising regularly again. I feel soooooo much better when I do. My family is grateful too because I'm not such a grouch:)

Hope you feel loved today.


Your Weekly Encouragement from Point of Grace

Shelley says...

The need to be loved is one of our strongest emotional longings. When we're feeling bad about ourselves, or left out and alone, what we crave is affirmation and acceptance. We usually look to other people for this-coworkers, family members, friends at school, or people at church. And often times we do get love and acceptance from these people-but not always, and not always enough. Even those of us who seem super confidant most of the time are insecure. You never know when you're gonna get sucker-punched, and feel betrayed or broken down.

On the road, I meet so many people who feel like they don't quite measure up. Maybe they think they're not smart enough, pretty enough, or funny enough. Whatever they feel is lacking, it's always measured by what other people think and not what God thinks.
I always want to tell them, especially the kids (but it's true for all of us), "Who cares if you're not the most popular or if you don't have the 'right' friends?? You were designed by God, and yes, HE loves you more than anything-and that's enough. When and if you ever truly internalize this truth and live it, it will transform your life.

The good news is this- as God's children, we can hold our heads up high, knowing that our identity comes from Him. He created us just the way we are. On purpose. And there is a good and prosperous plan for each of us!

Romans 15:7- Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

Have a great week,

School Days - "Good Things And Bad"

Yesterday was our first day of school. I definitely had mixed emotions about them going back. How can they be this old? I have two in Middle School. One is at the top of the food chain in 8th grade and the other is at the bottom of the food chain in 5th. I have threatened my oldest that he and his friends had BETTER be nice to his younger brother.

Do you remember Middle School? UGGH Although I don't get it. The girls don't have "ugly" stages anymore.. When I was looking at the girls at a ballgame the other night I wondered this to myself. Even with braces on they don't look bad. I have buried many of my Middle School pictures because I looked so bad. It was a season of life that I remember not knowing where I fit it. Groups of friends began to change and I didn't know which one I belonged in. All that to say, I would not want to go back.

So I was anxious to pick them up and see how it went. WELL....... Price (my youngest) was picked up first. He gets in the car and says... "DON'T ASK!!!!" Now, you have to understand that Price is so precious, but he is my child who is definitely tends to look at the glass half empty. So, whether it's a birthday party, camp, or school, he usually gives me the negative stuff first. Then I wait and get to hear about what he did enjoy. We go to Sonic for a first day treat (cuz now we are cutting back to only having cokes on weekends). He begins to share a little about this day. He doesn't know where he's going..... doesn't understand the schedule...... yada yada. BUT the worst part happened when all of his magnetic stuff fell off his locker onto the floor and his pencils went EVERYWHERE. Of course he's mad at me because it's MY FAULT that I bought that particular magnetic pencil holder and dry erase board. Thankfully after talking for awhile I did get to hear about some things he did enjoy.

I head back up to school to pick up Spence from football practice. I was fully expecting his day to have been GREAT because that is usually how his day goes. So, he walks up to the car and I say "Hey, how are you?" and he says "NOT GREAT" and gets in the car. You know when you can see it on their face that if you were to keep pushing they might "cry", so I used self control and waited. Eventually the story comes out. Since it was the first day of school, there was an all school assembly. Spence had been asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to represent the Middle School. He steps up to the microphone nice and confident. He starts out "I" and his voice cracks huge! So according to him, everyone laughed through the whole Pledge. Thank goodness he was able to laugh it off, but don't you know how it feels on the inside? ( and 8th grade boys are brutal) Maybe ya'll should send me some of your Middle school most embarrassing moments so that I can share with them and laugh.

After dinner everyone seemed in better spirits:) Tonight is first High School football game. We are pumped about that. Nothing like the energy of the evening air under the lights of the stadium.. Gotta love it. Speaking of football.... Spence had his first game on Tuesday night. The POG girls and families came out to support him. So very sweet, since we don't have any family that lives close. He had a first great game. Here are some pics. I just can't believe how much bigger he looks then last year. He's number 23. (strange number for a QB)

Price hasn't had his first game yet. He does have a scrimmage in the morning. Here are some pics of him on his first padded practice.

Learning how to tackle:)

We aren't sure what position he's playing yet, but he's really enjoying it.

The girls and i are in the studio today with Ian Eskelin. We are getting so excited about the songs for this record. Today we are singing a song called "Good Enough". Here is a picture of Ian and Mark busy at work.

Shelley is busy singing so I couldn't open the door and I don't know how to take the flash off. Sorry..

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend.

The Message Live At Fontanel

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Point of Grace will perform in a stripped down/acoustic setting sharing the stories behind the songs and then spend time meeting those that attend, making every seat a VIP experience.

The Message Live at Fontanel is for guests of all ages. We invite you to come spend your Sunday afternoon with us – tour the beautiful grounds, eat some amazing home-cooked food and leave entertained and encouraged!

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