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Encouraging Word For The day

Do you have those mornings that you wake up and think, " Hmmmm, I can tell that I'm just not as young as I used to be"? We can feel your pain. It's not only physical, but mental as well. At least we can now blame our "airheaded mistakes" on being over 40. Right? It's frustrating to look at our own sin and wonder if we are ever going to get it right. Here is a verse that reminds us of the truth. Yes we are getting older, but even through pain and mistakes he is renewing our mind. That is the kind of God we serve. Preparing us to one day live with him forever.

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes on not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Cor 4:16-18.

The key phrase in the verse is.... fix our eyes on what is unseen. (Not on all of the negative that is easy to see) That is our Hope!!!!! There are many unseen things he still wants to accomplish in us, guiding us step by step and day by day. One of our favorite songs we sing speaks of this truth. It's called "Day By Day". Take a listen and be encouraged today.

We love you,
Denise, Shelley, and Leigh

Time with Mom and Dad - Priceless!!!

My Mom and Dad just left to head back to my hometown of Belton. I realize how blessed I am to even being saying those words... The older I get the more I treasure EVERYTHING with my parents!! We had many memories and a darling time. Here were some of my highlights:

At the beginning of summer our family wrote down things we hoped to accomplish. One on my list was buying an ice-cream churn and learning how to make homemade ice-cream like I remember as a kid. I couldn't think of any better teachers than Mom and Dad. Finding the 6 qt. churn (in my price range) was quite a challenge... After much internet and store hopping we found it! - Thanks Ace Hardware (who would have ever thunk it?).

I made chocolate (of course) and Mom and Dad made peach. The peaches were fresh and juicy delicious!! We had several wonderful friends over to "help" us eat it up! Great conversation and wonderful fellowship accompanied each bite. One might say - they were the special toppings.

Another thing I enjoy is puzzles. Mom, Darby and myself pick out a really colorful and fun puzzle. 550 pieces to be exact. Those things are sooooooooooooooooooo addictive. We lost Darby about 1/4 way through but then Mom and I gotter done - 24 hrs. later. Cheap and soooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!

Dana took over the "tour guide" responsibilities and off to downtown Nashville we went. Unfortunately, the Tenn. Museum was closed on Mon. but that didn't stop our adventure at all. A dinning experience at Margaretville was our lunch stop - surprisingly delicious!!! I would highly recommend that to visitors and residents. Darby and her friend Meg entertained us with a little Taylor Swift on the Grand Ole Opry mic.

Perfect ending to our weekend was movie night with Peggy, Deirdre and Mom watching "Kings Speech". Nothing better than some Colin Firth, leftover ice-cream (which is even better the third time and popcorn! I love the unexpected - after the movie was over we decided to begin discussing the book of Revelation. What?...Yep, Revelation. I love hearing my Mom talk about the Bible. She has been a S.S teacher for over 40 years and to listen and learn from her insight is extremely impressive! I love my Mom but I am sooooooooooooooooooooo richly blessed by the fact she lives a beautiful life loving Jesus with her whole heart and soul. I went to bed challenged... I wonder if my little girl will say those words about me?

Living a beautiful Godly life - PRICELESS!!!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the unexpected detours of God! Leigh

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Friday Thoughts

I don't really know what to blog about today. I feel like there is nothing really that exciting going on or funny to tell you about, but here I go...

We started football yesterday. Two extremes. My oldest started pads and got in the car after practice along with 2 other boys and it was like they had all had a shot of testosterone. They were pumped up like they could take on the world. We rolled the windows down and cranked up the song "Go Hard" from the cd "Rebel" by LECRAE. I'm not sure my ears are ever going to recover much less my speakers. BUT, they were cute trying to dance all cool in the car as we are swaying back and forth at the stoplight.

Then last night I head back up to school to take my youngest son Price to his first football practice ever. It's like a rite of passage when a Mom let's them get out of the car and knows that they are going to teach them how to hit each other as hard as they can. I'm not sure yet how he will like it. You know when you send them out there that they are going to get yelled at in a way they never have before. He goes to full pads tomorrow. I've been thankful to Spence for getting outside with his younger brother and pushing him around a little to get used to it. Something in me LOVES it all so much. The other day I was out running passing routes. I told my boys that I am probably one of the few 42 year old moms that will get out in 100 degree heat and do this. I suppose this is why I love "Friday NIght Lights" so much. I'm still sad that it's over. Last night I made Price's favorite dessert as a celebration of his first football practice. It's the Glazed Tea Cake recipe from our cookbook. Here is a picture. Now, I did take half of it to some of my friends this morning. But I just leave the cake knife in the pan and we all just keep coming up and cutting little pieces at a time. That way I don't feel like I ate so much. haha!!!

I do want to tell you about an incredible book that our family is doing together at night preparing us for fall sports. If you have a child in any kind of sport I would HIGHLY recommend it. No matter what different personalities you have in your family. it has led to great conversations and new challenges for me as I apply it to my own life. It's an easy read and give wonderful practical advice. It's called "Scripture and Sport Psychology" by Derek de la Pena, Ph.D.

Football says to me that it's time to get back to school. Are you ready? I've got complete mixed emotions. I don't want to go back to homework and schedules every day, but then on the other hand I feel like I'm in major need of some routine. Every day is so different that I can't seem to get anything accomplished. Some things I've gotten really lazy about. Do any of you feel the same way?? The other thing that tells me it's time to get back to school is tax-free weekend. YAY!! Of course we then usually end up buying something that we really didn't need just because it was "TAX FREE" . So, I hope you take advantage of some of the sales on the things you actually do need. I'm going go now and get another slice of tea-cake, then head to the football field to pick up tired and hungry boys.

Have a wonderful day and great weekend.


Shelley Says...

Happy Thursday my friends!

Well my little girl is growing up...sigh...

Last night marked a milestone in her life...she spent the night away from home!!! With a friend. Caroline is ALMOST 9, and I realize a lot of little girls have been doing this with friends for awhile, but she is a homebody in every sense of the word. That said, the spending the night with friends thing has been a little delayed. I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I am not a fan of spend the night parties to be honest. Unless I REALLY know the parents.

I mean, LIKE REALLY know the parents...

Now, she has spent the night a time or two with this one...


But that doesn't really count...

Because they live a literal stone's throw away. And Caroline has logged about half of her life's hours at this house.

This shot seems like really does...

I can't even take it.

ANYWAY, the first time she made it through the night over there was a big deal. I have met Sarah's mom Kirsten on the driveway many a night at around 11:30pm for the kid return.

And I fully expected to be driving south on I-65 last night at midnight to pick her up from this one's house.

Darby Mae. aka Diddles. aka Darby Dids

But like I said, she's growing up.

She loves this girl. They spent much of their young lives together on a tour bus.
I love that pic taken yesterday.

I love it and I hate it.

They are so DANG big.

LOOK at this....

WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! Kill me now.

Never mind. I'm so old I'm almost dead anyway.

So Caroline spent the WHOLE night away at Darby Mae's. Like really away. Like 10 miles.

I'm so proud.

Apparently there were Point of Grace Christmas shows performed.

Complete with red and green dresses. Sorry I missed that. But good to know our legacy will continue through the ages.

Hi, I'm Shelley. I hate the passing of time.

Does anyone know how to stop growth in children??

Lemme know.