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Forgive My Caring - From Leigh

This was the heading of a poem on the back door of my dressing room last week (not to be confused with a POG dressing room)... Yes, it was that time of year to take care of ALL my Doctor visits (3 to be exact). I like to get everything done in one female swoop. The first stop was no big deal but the second stop was somewhat of a new experience for me - a Mammogram. I have heard all the awful stories one after the other but nothing can really prepare you for what has to be done. As a matter of fact this poem not only made me laugh but also put me in a state of calmness just before the procedure...

The nurse practitioner was wonderful, so informative and extremely precise - and I do mean precise..."Ouch! I am not sure "it" is suppose to do that?" She assured me "it" could do that AND much more. (I had no idea me and Playdoh had so much in common).

My final stop was just as painful... I hate to fly and I HATE NEEDLES!!!!! I needed to get my Cholesterol checked and I had no idea it required giving a vile of blood. "What? Dr. I am not mentally prepared for that today, can we do it next time?" "No" he said, "You are here, so let's take care of it now. And at your age, you need to do this." (Uggg!!! Leigh, go to your happy place...just go to your happy place...) After what felt like 49 mins. of blood sucking pain - it was finally over... except on my way to my car a bird pooped on my hand - yuck!! ...What a day!

Once I got in the car and wiped off my hand (note to self, need to buy antibacterial wipes for car) I reflected. I couldn't help but remember so many of my friends and even strangers being poked and needled as we speak. My friend Chris is going through Chemo this week. And THANKS to our fine Dr.'s, nurses and even those very LARGE machines we have an opportunity to get better. I say to those Dr.'s and nurses, Thanks for caring!.

My few moments of discomfort is nothing compared to what so many are dealing with...on behalf of Shelley, Denise and myself - WE CARE! You all are so kind to comment on how our music has helped get you through some very difficult situations. We love knowing that and it truly blesses us and motivates us to keep on doing what we are doing. Thanks' for telling!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and watch out for those birds!

Your Weekly Encouragement from POG

We know it's true that we can't see the future like God can, we understand that we don't have the wisdom God has, and it's obvious that we have little power to make good happen, but still, our humanity cries out, "Let me direct my own life!". All the while, God says to us, "Let ME direct your life. Out of my vision, out of my wisdom, out of my power, out of my compassion and love, let me direct your steps."

Walking steadily beside God is sometimes one of the most terrifying challenges we face in our spiritual life. We have a hard time turning everything over to Him, we struggle with trusting Him to bring people into our life when we need them, and we wrestle with waiting on Him to answer our prayers when we'd rather handle the situation our own way. Even though it's not easy to let go, deep down we know that if we are to have any stability in our life, we MUST let Him lead.

Dear Lord,
I pray, to the depth of my being, that my restless feet will learn to walk beside my loving father, trusting him. Amen.

Here is a link to one of our songs that talks about this..."Steady On".

Shelley, Leigh and Denise

Shelley Says...

I don't have anything super deep to blog about today, though hopefully next week I will...(a friend of mine just finished writing a Bible Study that I am about to start called "The Secret". It's a study of Colossians which I have done before, but looking forward to her take on it...) So next blog I will commit to something a little more "spiritual", although many of my friends, including myself, would argue today's topic has some sort of spiritual meaning to them...

I love this stuff.

I have no explanation for it other than the gene was handed down from my father. Although he is not drinking them anymore, there was a time when I would proudly watch him put away a six pack per day.

I know all the Mexican restaurants in town that have good Diet Cokes. And the ones that don't. McDonald's has a good one. Sonic, even better. Perfect carbo/syrup ratio-which is key. I love those new tiny cans, even though they are a rip off. I love a hit straight out of a two liter. Much has been written about my beloved substitute for water. The artificial sweeteners are bad for you, the chemicals are like fluids for your car...blah blah blah.

A few months back when I was on the Mark Schultz tour, a friend of mine told me about a healthy diet coke substitute.

Understand, I will never stop drinking old faithful, or loving it...but I wanted to tell you about my new friend...

Meet Zevia...

She's zero calories, has a decent burn, and is 100% natural. Sweetened with the leaf of the stevia plant.

A plant.

That grows out of the ground.

So I'm almost feeling like it counts as a vegetable.

It's a little more expensive, but a little less guilt... a little....

So if you are attempting this summer to make a small healthy change, put a few less chemicals in your body...

give her a try.

I get mine at Whole Foods. Where you pay twice as much for a decent bag of groceries...yippee...


PS If you try it, post below and let me know what you think...

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Just Another Manic Monday - By Denise

Hope you had a good weekend. Ours was good and low-key. Stu and Spence were in Virginia at a FBU Top Gun Camp. It was 108 degrees on the field. I seriously don't know how these athletes do it. Here is a pic of Stu and Spence. When I saw it I got a huge lump in my throat. He looks like a grown man. It's not right!!!

Price had his friend Will over to spend the night. We ate ice cream, watched movies, jumped on trampoline w/ sprinkler, and they played video games. POG sang at the Grand Ole Opry on Sat night. Leigh informed me that this was our 38th time. I can't believe it. Here is a pic of us and our friend Pete Fisher. He runs the events out there and has been super nice to us over the past few years.

We got to relax in my favorite dressing room (Room 18). It's the female Opry stars. Maybe one day our picture will be on the wall:) Today I want you to meet my trainer . Her name is Paige. She comes once a week to torture me. (and I pay for it! that's what is sick) I'm soooooo not in the mood for her to come today, but here she is all ready to go. AND she has pulled out the kettle bell. Now I really don't like her.

Ugggh it's so hot and there is no breeze. However, I truly am thankful for Paige. She has become a really good friend and encourager. On some other blog I may have her pass along some good little tips for better health. Maybe if I would actually listen to her and do what she says more than once a week, it would help:) But for now, I must go sweat to death. Have a wonderful day.

You are loved!!