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Shelley Says...

In the heat of this Nashville summer it's strange to even think about fall or to long for cooler weather, but if you are a planner like may already be thinking about your back to school plans.

I am so PUMPED to be taking our Girls of Grace conference for teenage girls this fall...


Minnesota BABY!! You KNOW it feels real good there right about now! We are partnering with the incredible KTIS to make this another sell out GOG crowd in Minneapolis!

I wanted to remind everyone that we are running an "On Sale" special on GOG tickets until August the 15th. SOOOOO, if you love a bargain, CLICK HERE to get more info! Rounding up a group of teenage girls and getting them organized and committed takes time, so this is everyone in Minnesotas' friendly reminder.

We have an incredible line up with some brand new speakers we have never had with us before in the Twin Cities.

You will LOVE Jason Castro, Satellites and Sirens, and POINT OF GRACE. JUST KIDDING!!! There are too many artists to mention but the website has it all!

Please don't delay in getting your teens together. How I wish there would have been something like this available when I was in Junior High and High School. It would have made all the difference in my spiritual life, and I'm sure I would have made some better decisions. It's hard to be a teenage girl in today's society. So hard. So join with Leigh, Denise and I, and help us spread the word about Girls of Grace!

THANK YOU so much for your help in sharing this blog....


ps....I highlighted Minnesota today, BUT we are traveling to Alabama, Florida, Michigan and Maryland in fall too...

"Summer Survivor" Part II - By Leigh

Since my last blog was a bit lengthy, I will keep this one to a decent size. Actually, since my last blog I was able to get some help regarding the Ghost Crabbing video I didn't know how to attach. I am going to try ( with the help of our very smart staff and husband) . . . Enjoy!!

Are you like me - TOO HOT TO THINK?

Try some or all of these suggestions... if you are like me and your brain is seriously "over heated":

1. Wash your hair really good, leave conditioner in for an hour or so and then rise again in cool water. Don't blow dry, let it dry naturally.
2. Clean out the Fridge AND Freezer. (You know you need to anyway).
3. Get the kids and put bathing suits on (or not) and wash the car at Sunset. They will never forget it!
4. Have a popsicle race - And the winner doesn't have to BLANK... ( you fill in the blank).
5. Freeze a wet beach towel and use it instead of your comforter. Night, night!!

We love hearing from ya, thanks for staying in touch!

Until we "heat" again, leigh cappillino

Turn Up The Music: The Hits Of Point Of Grace Available Today!

Turn Up The Music: The Hits Of Point Of Grace is now available everywhere today! With all of your Point of Grace favorites and the new recording "Hole In The World", this is a must have for any fan!

CLICK HERE to buy on iTunes or CLICK HERE to buy in the online store.


Blast From The Past

Here's this week's "blast from the past"! Let us know if you have a favorite to share!

Shelley Says...

Greetings from the great state of Michigan!! We have been enjoying a wonderful week here with our family. The weather has been SO NICE and I sorta dread going back to the Nashville humidity. My in-laws live in the western part of Michigan, very close to the lakeshore. The beaches are really beautiful, and trust me when I say I am not into “lakes” as a rule. But Lake Michigan is the exception for sure. Below is a pic of Caroline at a lighthouse right down the road from David’s dad’s house. Check out the beach in the background.

Told you it was perty! We have burned the candle at both ends with mini golf, go karts, bumper boats, fireworks, cookouts, trips with the parents to the grandparents, beach trips, theme parks- and it will all culminate in my sis in laws’ wedding tomorrow night. I am still hobbling around a bit on my foot, but it is getting a little better everyday. I can’t believe I’m actually ready to put on a tennis shoe and run. I really am. I feel like a lug.

So for now, until my followup doctor’s appt. on Monday, I will just sit around here and eat more blueberry pie (best in Michigan) and ice cream. I love a good excuse.

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget about our Hits project on Tuesday!!

Love, Shelley