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Happy Birthday Mom!


Today is my sweet Mom's birthday. I wish that I could be there to celebrate, but I will get to see her next week for Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for the love my Mom has shown me through the years. I was thinking the other day of some of the things I'm thankful for about my Mom.

- She was the first one to teach me about Jesus.
- She has shown me how to care deeply about people and their needs.
- When I am teaching my little 2 year old class at church, I sing to them the songs that she sang to me.
- She is concerned with my well being and always has been.
- As a teenager she drove me crazy putting bible verses up on the mirror or laying around the house. Now, having my own teenager, I'm beginning to see why she needed those verses.
- She manages to remember everyone's birthday. And she does it without facebook reminders or anything.
- She loves me no matter what, even my ugly sides:)

These are just a few. Mom, I'm so thankful for you and I hope you have a blessed day! LOVE YOU:)


Have You Heard Of Ghosting?

There's a new trend in the dating world called "Ghosting."

Basically, this is the process of breaking up with someone by ignoring them until they get the hint rather than having the awkward confrontation. The girls brought up how this used to be a common thing before, but that it just has a new name and is highlighted now that we are in an age where there are so many more mediums to be ignored through.

Check out this clip from the radio show and see what you think!

Women Of Faith Christmas

Point of Grace is joining Women Of Faith Christmas on November 30. Gather your friends and family and join us for a one-of-a-kind Christmas celebration you can enjoy via simulcast or in person at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas.

Don’t miss a very special night filled with:
- Christmas Music: Classic carols and songs will be woven throughout the evening, plus we’ll share a special time of worship together.
- Christmas Stories: Heartfelt messages of the hope and joy will celebrate the miracle of Immanuel God with us.
- Christmas Experience: The Nativity story will come to life before your eyes as shepherds, wise men, live animals, and more come to kneel before the new-born King.

Start your holiday season with a celebration of the One whose birthday it is! Join us in Texas or be part of the celebration in your hometown, at your church or organization, with your family and ours.

CLICK HERE for tickets and more information.