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My Mother's Day

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful restful weekend, and that all of you moms had a nice Mother's Day! I have such a wonderful mother myself, and two great mom-in-laws, too! I was actually really on it this year. I got their cards and gifts in the mail on WEDNESDAY! I was so impressed with myself. We left on Saturday to travel to Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego, and yesterday we sang in all three of their morning services before flying back to Nashville. So, I didn't actually get to spend much of Mother's Day with my babies (David, Caroline and Bella!) but my birthday was last weekend, so I pretty much already felt spoiled and that I had had enough gifts for awhile!!

Caroline made me THE CUTEST things for Mother's Day at school. She knew I would be gone, so she was so excited to give them to me on Friday after school. She told me she couldn't even let the dog out to potty first, because I HAD to open her gift...

This is the envelope she decorated with my gift in it before I opened it. She informed me those were "heart balloons".

I made her stop and take a picture...can't you tell by the look on her face she was so ready for me to open it??!

The first thing she made me was this little wall hanging that said "I Love You To Pieces". It was decorated with some puzzle pieces with adjectives that she thought described me.

I'm not really sure about any of those descriptions,on a consistent basis anyway, but I'm glad that's how she sees me. However most days I strive to be almost all of them. However, "Pretty" is not one of them...the only time I strive for that is when I'm going onstage...and that's just being honest...hahahahaha!

My very favorite thing she made me is this little book that she wrote and illustrated that had all these facts about was the cutest. I totally started crying on the first page, because it was so sweet, and because she was beaming while I read it. I actually brought it with me to San Diego so I could show the girls. Leigh got a great laugh out of it, because kids are just honest. And it is hilarious....

Here is one of the pages of the book...

She loves the way I MAKE POPPYSEED CHICKEN!! How sweet is that?? I LOVED how she drew the steam rising and those black poppyseeds. SO awesome! We actually just started reading the Chronicles of Narnia together at night about a month ago. She checked out "The Magician's Nephew" on her own at school, and we both really loved it. We are almost done with "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." She got the movie from her grandma for Easter, so we are trying to finish the book before we watch it. It has really been a bonding time for us that I didn't expect. Obviously she is not getting the greater metaphor yet, and I can't say that I am fully, but CS Lewis was one of a kind. A genius. I find myself as I'm reading to her trying to arrange all of the characters to their counterparts in the gospel. It gets me side-tracked sometimes, so I will have to ask her what is going on in the real story! HA!

I just wanted to share a little piece of my Mom's Day with you....hope you all are well and will come see us on the road really soon.

Love, Shelley

Mother's Day With Leigh

Mother's day is still hard for me... a day where all attention is on me - a day to be "praised"... but then that feeling goes away and I begin to focus on what would be an adequate way to "give Mommy praise"... (heee heee). My Mother's day wish is of course being with my wonderful Hubby and beautiful daughter AND to unwrap a package filled with very selfish gifts - i.e.. a house massage ( luxurious robe included) and a one of a kind outfit (needs no alterations and fits so well I look 10 lbs smaller). THAT IS MY MOTHER'S DAY WISH! Remember, they MADE me do this...I would be just fine waking up as if it were a normal Sunday morning - (right Moms?).

Happy Mother's Day to all Women investing in the lives of children!

Leigh Cappillino

A Mother's Day Message

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope that you are enjoying this weekend. I can't imagine what the world would be without moms. One of the greatest gifts God has allowed in my journey is the opportunity to be the mother of Spence and Price.

I'm very excited about this Mother's Day because my Mom will be in Nashville with my family over the weekend. Now that I'm a mom, I realize what a hard job she had and what a truly great job she did. I still haven't figured out how the laundry was always done and a meal on the table every day. (and it wasn't from Sonic). A mom sets the tone of the house. Dad's are super important, but there is a tone that is set among the family and it usually comes from the mom. My mother taught me how to sing. Not only literally, but in life. The first songs I remember learning were about Jesus and his love for me. She demonstrated that throughout all of the seasons in my life. After winning ballgames or losing them, at good grades and not so good, boyfriends or break-ups, she reminded me of who God was in the midst of all of my stories. Was she perfect?? Of course not. Is there things she probably would've done different? Probably so. Did she do her best to love me? Absolutely. Thank you Mom for showing me what a relationship with Jesus looks like. Thank you for loving me with everything you have. Thank you for teaching me how to "sing" of God's great love. I love you so much.

Take time today to recognize your Mom or someone who has been a "Mom" to you today.