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A Day Off In December

Today we had a day off from our tour here in Nashville. It was a wonderful day of relaxation and rejuvenation. I slept in until ten, then went to the spa and got a massage and pedicure.
I came home after that and ordered a big cheese pizza and sat on the couch and watched the food network until I had to get Caroline from school.
I just wanted to type that to see how it felt.
It felt good.
Actually, my day off in Nashville was a good one, but chaotic nonetheless.
I will spare you the details and just hit the highlights because Michael and Denise are meeting me at my house at 4:45am to go catch our flight to NYC and I need to go to bed!
I hate when my private jet (owned and operated by Continental Airlines) leaves at 6am.
First, we taped a show at our local NBC station called “More at Midday” with this really sweet anchor named Holly Thompson. It should be posted right here sometime today after it airs around 12:30pm. We made my mom’s salsa and Denise’s Chocolate Bundt cake, talked about the cookbook and record, and met a guy from a local chocolate store who gave us some goodies before we left. The white chocolate peppermint bark and chocolate covered oreos he gave me are in my tummy right now. And they were yummy in my tummy.

Here we are in the kitchen after the segment. My hair was so whatever today but I just couldn’t deal. But that necklace I have on is COOL. I got it at J.Crew. I wish you could see it up close.I also don’t like standing next to Denise in pictures. Take a second to focus in on her thigh, then look at my thigh. Not cool.
I had to literally race out of the TV station because I promised Caroline I would eat lunch with her at school, then deliver some Christmas gifts to some of her teachers. I told her I would pick us up lunch from any where she wanted. She picked Subway. Saturday night when I was on the road, David told her he would take her out to eat anywhere she wanted. She picked Subway. Do you know what she orders? Turkey, cheese and mayonnaise on white bread. Whose kid is this??
Whatever. That’s what I got her. She ate the whole thing. A six inch. Which is extraordinary in and of itself. She could care less about food. No comprende.
Then we went to deliver some Christmas gifts to some of the faculty. POG Cookbooks and Christmas CDs. I get a discount.
Below is Caroline getting ready to make her deliveries.

I ran over to the mall after that, got a couple of Christmas presents and a birthday gift for Darby Mae (Leigh’s daughter who turned 8 today-story to follow), ran to Walgreen’s and bought every pair of number 33 false eyelashes they had (which was 8 pairs) and a healthy after school snack for Caroline since we had to go straight to piano lessons from school. Cheetos and red gatorade. Lots of vitamins and nutrients.
After piano, I took Caroline to Darby’s b-day party. We were talking right before bed and I asked her what her favorite part of the party was. She told me that she and Darby got to be “Snowman Mummies” and everyone else had to wrap them in toilet paper and that it was awesome. I left her room, went to my computer to write this blog, and Dana (Darby’s dad) had sent me this picture.

Good times.
The last event of my non-day off consisted of a benefit concert for the music school Caroline attends here in Nashville. She takes piano. It’s called School of Worship. It’s a really awesome music school that sorta combines classical training with modern worship. For instance, right now, she is working on learning about playing “staccato” notes, and also learning how to play chords and sing at the same time for “Here I am to Worship.” They do a great job at nurturing her heart to worship God through her music.
Denise and I, Michael and Melissa from Avalon, Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave, Tobymac, FFH, Phil Joel….all our kids take music lessons there…voice, guitar, piano….we all believe in it. We all performed for the concert tonight….very cool.
Caroline sang with us and Price (Denise’s youngest) played guitar. Training them up so we can retire.

See how I have on the same thing as the cooking show about 9 hours before that…no time to change. Not one minute.
I may sleep in it and wear it to New York tomorrow. We’ll see.
PS: The one person I didn’t mention is the girl in the front in the black jacket. She sang with Michael and Melissa. Guess what her name is? Shelley.
Spelled just like that. Weird.

Deck the Halls at Shelley Breen’s House, Fa la la la la. La la la la. (To the tune of Deck the Halls)

We made it home from the first leg of our tour safe and sound. I couldn’t go to sleep when I got home at 4am, so I started reading the Pioneer Women’s blog. I saw this Christmas Rum Cake on there that I am totally going to make. I almost just started doing it at 4am, but I thought the mixer might wake up Dave and Caroline.

I love being home. Even if it’s just for a couple days, I try to pretend like it’s a permanent thing. Like I’m not flying to NYC and back on Wednesday, then getting on a bus at midnight to go to Arkansas. One day at a time, right?

Here are a few reasons I love my house at Christmas time.

This is my new flocked tree I just got last year. I am totally against fake trees. So I don’t really know why I got this, other than I am going through a white phase. I got most of those ornaments at Target last year. Jessie (my long lost to Africa unpaid assistant) and I seriously went back like 5 times in one day to buy more and more balls. I really liked the muted blue ones, but they were sold as an assortment of shiny and muted, so we just took it upon ourselves “rearrange” a few balls when no one was looking, in order to make a few boxes of ALL muted, like I wanted. I think there was probably someone out there who wanted all shiny blue balls, and when they found them they were really happy. So we helped someone. And that’s good. Actually, in case the police are reading this, JESSIE did the ball swap, I just watched for anyone coming close wearing a red shirt and khaki pants.

This is what you get when you have a fake tree. I swear it smells JUST like a real Christmas tree.

Now listen, I have tried EVERY SINGLE Yankee candle that has anything to do with trees, winter, mistletoe, evergreen…all of them. CHRISTMAS WREATH is the ONE. Don’t even bother with the others if you want that “tree smell.”

In case you care, the other Yankee candle that is the BOMB-OLA is called Buttercream. You will want to stick your face in it and lick the wax.

These little vintage-y looking trees and houses sit above our TV. I just got them this year. I wish you could see it in real life, it’s a lot cuter than this pic. It just occurred to me while looking at this picture that I didn’t put any fake snow around it.

Will do. That will be even better.

Do you know about this guy? At our house he’s called Elfie. A cute little “Elf on the Shelf.” A new Christmas Tradition for the kiddos. He’s kinda creepy looking honestly. He moves around every night. Sometimes he makes little messes that Caroline thinks are hilarious. Golly, we just LOVE Elfie around here. Can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do next!!

(For the record, I want to kill the person who thought of this whole scam. LIKE ANY OF US HAVE TIME TO DEAL WITH THIS.)

Our advent calendar that my neighbor got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. When she gave it to us, she filled every little compartment with candy and trinkets. Now guess who gets to go all around town hunting down tiny toys and candy. ME! I DO!

I should make Elfie fill the dang calendar. He’s doing nothing all day but sitting around looking creepy.

I just realized I’m starting to sound Scrooge-ish. I seriously love filling that calendar. Caroline can’t wait to open a new door everyday! It’s super cool.

But my feelings toward Elfie haven’t changed.

I AM PUMPED about this. I have NEVER had my mailbox done. I tried once to do it by myself and it was a big fat joke. I am the opposite of crafty. I get the cold sweats when I walk into Hobby Lobby because I just don’t understand it all. I can’t do it. But, we all have different gifts, amen? My super sweet, nicest ever, salt of the earth, prayer warrior friend Terri did this for me. Just because I asked her to. I told her I would totally pay her and I want to and she keeps saying no. So I’m going to get her concert tickets and POG cookbooks and Blondie’s cookies. Doesn’t it look so awesome??

I was going to show you a pic of these big candy canes that we have along our front side walk and tell you how much Dave hates putting them up, but how he does it because he loves me and he knows it makes me happy. But you’re probably bored…

oh what the heck….

what’s one more pic.

I’m not trying to sell you anything, but speaking of Candy Canes….you HAVE to go listen to our new song Candycane Lane.When you hear it you will want our new Christmas record. You just will. If you go to our website, it will start playing in like 3 seconds. So you can try before you buy. You will LOVE it, it’s the cutest. Like these yard ornaments….

I can’t believe I have yard ornaments. Not just one, several…

My Christmas Family - Part One

As most of you know, we are out on the road for most of the month on our Home for the Holidays Christmas Tour. We are only home for two days this week, then back out again for five. It’s kinda funny that we named our tour Home for the Holidays, since we are anything but. We were on the Gerry House show the other morning in Nashville, and he said we should call our tour “The Big Lie.” Not a bad idea.

Most buses have 12 bunks. When we’re not on a budget, sometimes we convert our bus from 12 bunks to 8 bigger bunks, and get a separate bus for the band and crew. That’s the high life. More space, more privacy. Currently, we are not living the high life. In fact, we actually converted the back lounge of our bus into another sleeping room with 3 additional bunks. So we’re at 15 now.

15 people on a bus.

We’re a family.

Meet the Family/ Part One

You probably know Leigh. She is drying her hair at the venue in Detroit.

In MY dressing room with MY hairdryer.

This is Derek our drummer during intermission. He used to play for Kelly Clarkson. We got to meet her once because of him.

He’s too good for us, but he doesn’t act like it.

This is Denise. She likes to work out. She tries to make us do it, but we always think of a reason why we can’t.

Today mine was, “I’m taking pictures for my blog.” Leigh’s was,

“I’m drying my hair.”

This is Mark our sound man. We drive him crazy. That lady’s name was “Mom.” She picked up our dinner and also swore a lot, especially for an older lady.

Anyway, if we sound good, it’s because of him.

Now this girl is an angel sent from heaven. Her name is CeCe. You know that yogurt place Sweet Cece’s? Named after her.

She is fluffing the trees in this pic.

This is Marcus. He is our lighting guy. We met him on tour with Mark Schultz.

He is amazing. Marcus, not Mark…

This is Walt. Plays bass. You know those people who act like
Jesus? He’s one of them…

So, that’s the first installment of my road family. If you come see us on the road, come up to them and say hi. Call them by name and freak them out.

Day of Rest

After two back to back shows in one day, I’m too tired to think of anything to write. This is all I got. PS we were so scared we were going to break my bunk doing this. I told them it was all for the sake o’ the blog.

Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells

I thought maybe today I would tell you about what a typical day on the road is like. The random things that happen, the things we eat, and people we see. Today was a good day in Grand Rapids all in all, except from about 12:31 until 12:32.

Michael, our piano player, and I were walking out of the hotel and I slipped on a little bit of ice. And I mean I BIT IT. BAD. I honestly have never fallen that hard in my entire 41 years of life. I fell on my face, and only my hands kept me from breaking my nose to pieces. The right side of my lip started to swell up, and Michael actually said it looked good-like it was Botoxed-and that I should do the other side. I’m thinking about it…

So we went and grabbed lunch at this Chinese place and I tried to recover. I was pretty shaken up.

I had to clean up really quick, but this man always puts a smile on my face in the shower.

The gingerbread man, that is. Yummy smelling shower soapy.

Then Denise, myself and a new artist that is on tour with us, Chris August, went to visit the Zondervan/Family Christian Store headquarters. We brought them Christmas cookies and caroled a little bit. We are just getting to know Chris. He is really funny and I promise I’m not just saying this, but his record awesome. Not a throw away song in the bunch-all good. Every stinkin one of ‘em.

Leigh didn’t go because she was getting a massage.

Just kidding.

She is sick and having a hard time singing, so she wanted to rest her voice. And we let her. Because we’re nice.

Onward to the venue. The very wonderful Program Director who has literally not stopped playing our music for 20 years, Chris Lemke from WCSG in Grand Rapids, brought us a wonderful surprise. Especially since I didn’t have time to eat dinner. He brought these little cucumber cups with this yummy shrimp and tomato filling, and these little toast things with pulled pork, mashed potatoes, creamed cheese and cheddar cheese on top. WOW! I told him we were putting those in our next cookbook fo sho!!

I had four. Of the mashed potato things.

That’s our new member. Just kidding. It’s Chris’ wife.

Then, as most of you know, my husbands’ entire family is from Michigan. It was really great to see all of them that came out to the show. Mom, Dad, sisters, aunts, uncles, lots of friends…
The number of people below is the amount of comps I asked for tonight! It was A LOT.

OK, so see the guy on the far right in the red sweater. That’s David’s dad. My father in law, Phil. I talked to him earlier in the day and he informed me that he and David had spoken a month or so ago about a shotgun. David has been wanting a gun for awhile, and his dad offered to just give him one of his. So Phil told me he was just gonna bring it to the concert for me to deliver home to Dave.

OK. Sure. Just walk into Grand Rapids First Assembly and stick the gun under the pew until intermission.

He brought it to the bus after our set.

This is our bass player Walt, with said gun.

It’s good to know we will all be safe tomorrow in Ft. Wayne. Don’t mess with us.