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Thanks and more...

We had a wonderful time in Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C. at our last GOG conference for 2012!!! I was so grateful to have been able to make it... I got to see so many friends and family...from cousins, to sister, to parents, to bff, to school buddies... I LOVED SEEING THEM ALL!!!

My sister Reide brought my niece Bryant along with two of Bryant's friends. The girls seemed to really enjoy the day - especially Britt Nicole, Rush of Fools and Chris Wheeler... and those were just a few of the highlights... Here is a pic of the girls. Bryant is the tall blond with the cinnamon top on. These girls were so sweet and beautiful too!

And speaking of friends and family, we are getting so close to that time where we will be celebrating those people in our lives around the Thanksgiving table. Our family is looking and hoping to have our new addition around the table this year. Any day now - we are waiting for Andy's arrival!

Each year we celebrate new things to be grateful for and for the Capp's what a year of celebration!!! 20 years of marriage and a new baby boy on the way! THANK YOU LORD!!! YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND STRENGTH IS ONE THING THAT WE HAVE COVETED THIS YEAR!!!

As I type this blog my fingers suffer from numbness due to my swelling... I know many women understand my pain. So with that thought I conclude to you all a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a BLESSED week ahead!!!

Stay posted in regards to Andy - we will let you all know asap of his arrival! "Help me Jesus!"
love, leigh

Shelley Says...

Today is my wonderful husband's David's 44th Birthday!! Happy Birthday babe! I love you so much!! Normally we really like to celebrate on THE ACTUAL DAY, however, tonight David has to 'work'. By work (cause it's not really work), I mean go to a show by one of the artists that he books - Phillips, Craig and Dean. They are playing in town tonight - and I'm so excited to get to see the guys and hear them sing.

We decided since we were doing that tonight, we would celebrate at home last night. Caroline had the brilliant idea to get the Apple logo on David's cookie cake - and he loved it. He is slightly obsessed with all things Apple… In fact, we tried to get him the iPad mini for his bday, but they're on back order…waaah…

So, his other request was a new driver…which he promptly got about 5 minutes after he opened his Golf Galaxy Gift Card. Literally hopped in car at 7:45pm, because he "just couldn't wait."

I was glad my parents and our good friend and house guest for the week, Cliff, were all here to celebrate. We had a nice dinner together with lots of Dave's favorite things- so it was a good celebration.

Not low calorie. But good.

Here are a few pics from last night.

I hope everyone has great weekend!!


Want Less Stress?

Want less stress? Then listen up!

Leigh shares several tips to make your day less stressful, including saving stamps, keeping things in the same place, and avoiding tight clothing.

Hear what the girls have to say about those...

It's Monday and it's COLD...

I would love to just sit by my fireplace and drink hot chocolate all day. But getting out and getting exercise is good for me, RIGHT? So, I got together with my friends Kelley, Rhonda, and Paige in Kelley's garage and we worked up a sweat at least. My favorite part is the talking with one another. I think it does my body almost as good as the exercise. It's about the only way I can talk myself into doing something.

This past weekend we had a wonderful time in Grand Rapids, MI with Girls of Grace. It was SOLD OUT!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am with what God is doing in this conference. It was our first time to have Sidewalk Prophets. The girls knew almost every song they sang thanks to great Christian radio, and of course they LOVED Britt Nicole. She always brings the house down. Everyone on the platform has something of value to share. If you are looking for future dates, make sure to check out for when we are coming to a city near you.

Christmas is coming soon along with BABY ANDY:) I tell you Leigh is being a trooper these days. Can't wait to meet this little boy. In Grand Rapids, we saw a touch of snowflakes in the air. It made me want to get the Christmas CD's out. I'm super excited about a special show we are getting to do with Women of Faith. It's going to be a really cool night.

Then we will head out on the bus for our very own Christmas shows. We sure would love to see you there. Our dates are listed on the tour page.

Those are things that I'm thinking ahead on, although I need to be thinking about what I'm going to get at the grocery today and what I'm going to make for dinner. So, I will go on and start writing my list. Don't forget to get out there and vote tomorrow. It's a wonderful privilege that we can't ignore.
Love you and have a great day.