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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

on August 25, 2011

Leigh says...

The POG girls and our hubbies had a wonderful evening a few days ago. Our manager, Gator Michaels invited us to his home for dinner. Rumor has it, he owns an awesome smoker and makes a mean brisket - well, we'll just see about that!! Other rumors are his Macaroni pie is to die for and his Chocolate pie is superior to anything we have ever tasted... Now ya'll know we love us some good cookin' and when a challenge is given, one must concede (it's the Christian pot luck thang to do).

Dana and I pulled up late because I thought dinner was at 6:30pm but it was actually 6pm. (I hate being late to anything...don't you know that was a lovely conversation in the car - NOT!)... anyway, we pull up to Gator's home and as we get out (quickly) we notice a deer really close to his house...we go inside, say our apologies and by the time we have done all of that, here come 4 more deer.

I thought, where are we North Pole minus the snow? Where's Rudolph?... It was unbelievable!!... Gator feeds them horse biscuits and BOY do they love em'. (who doesn't love any form of bread anyway?)... except 'sweet breads'...One time on a cruise Shelley tricked us and "encouraged" the table to order the sweet breads with our entree...we all tasted it thinking it was some type of dumpling. Later we found out it was a form of sheep intestines!!! OH MY GOSH... WE WERE ALL ABOUT TO HURL!! (sorry, I started chasing a rabbit/sheep)... back to the story... You all have to see these deer.

I am so sad that I didn't take pictures of the food - that was the best part! Let me just speak on behalf of the rest of the was like Christmas morning - "unwrapping" our taste buds after each bite... EVERYTHING was right on the mark! The Macaroni pie was made up of SEVEN cheeses (the perfect number), the Brisket was tender and mouth watering, the green beans were even delicious (they were steamed and much healthier than the other sides) and the Chocolate pie- well it was SUPERIOR to anything I have ever tasted! (Gosh, I am so hungry just thinking about it). Wish you all could have tasted it...actually, we told Gator we need these recipes for the next Cookbook. Ho! Ho! Ho!!

Speaking of Christmas, I realized this morning we are exactly 4 months away from Christmas... YIKES!!!

Merry August 25th!! Have a great day, leigh cappillino


Hope you enjoy the meal at Mrs Polings on Wednesday evening. This is something we do for our entertainers. It's like thanksgiving every night at her house. I expect it is not every venue you can get a real down home meal. See you there. Bruce Short

Hey PoG. I love your posts. Please! Never stop to sing and to do this posts. I may not comment all but I read everyone. I'm brazilian and I don't know the whole english and writing in english makes me work hard.

Keep doing this great job singing, entertaining and posting. I'm anxious about the new record.

I love you "Shelley, Leigh and the big Dee." As you said in the early posts.

Whatever. I love it all.