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Point of Grace On The Message Live

on May 10, 2012

Point of Grace recently performed a full live set at the Fontanel Studio Gallery in Nashville. Tune in on Sirius XM's The Message to hear their entire performance! Check the air times below:

Thursday, 5/10 at 11AM ET
Friday, 5/18 8 PM ET
Wednesday, 5/23 4 PM ET

CLICK HERE to learn more.


Wondering when the track for Wash Me Away will be available?! Can't wait to sing it!!

Where can I buy the accompaniment track to "What I Already Know" and "Wash Me Away"?

I am searching for the sheet music or accompaniment for Hometown from the album No Changin' Us. I have looked all over and have had no luck. Any ideas? My daughter wants to sing it for the County Fair.

Desperately searching for sheet music to What I Already Know. Great performance, powerful message. Where can we get the sheet music for it?

I heard you live on Sirius XM's this morning for the first time. I loved it. These women are blessed with beautiful voices. After hearing their performance, I went out and bought their cd. Your songs really blessed me.
Have a great week, blessings to you.
Julie Walker ( Como,Texas)

this concert was so moving I really enjoyed it the frist time and have the repeats already book marked Thank you Ladies And god Bless

I caught the end of the live broadcast this morning. I came in right in the middle of the song you sang right before There is Nothing Greater than Grace and didn't catch the title but the part I heard I loved and would love to hear the whole song. Anyone know the title?