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Point of Grace Spring Tour

on January 08, 2014

Point of Grace is set to tour this spring, beginning with a show in Adrian, GA on February 1st. They will also be on the road with Girls of Grace beginning with the Nashville, TN event on February 22nd.

Founded by Point of Grace in 2002, Girls of Grace grew out of their desire to bring teen girls together to talk about issues that affect them, and share that a relationship with Christ is the true source for peace and assurance in their lives. “At times girls feel like they are the only ones who struggle with certain issues,” says Denise Jones of Point of Grace. “With a Girls of Grace conference it gives them the opportunity to come together in a large group and realize that we all have our own struggles, and yet, we are in this together.”

For more information on Girls of Grace, click HERE.

Be sure to catch them in your area! Click HERE for all of the dates and details.


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