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A Thousand Little Things Available Today

on May 01, 2012

Point of Grace’s new album A Thousand Little Things is available everywhere today! Get your copy in the online store, on iTunes, or at your favorite Christian retailer.

CLICK HERE to download on iTunes.

CLICK HERE to purchase in the online store.


Love the new CD "A Thousand Little Things". Favorite song "You Be the One" Is sheet music going to be available? and a track?

This is an awesome, awesome album with some of the best lyrics Point of Grace has ever had on an album! It's great to see some Christian groups still have the deep lyrics like ones about life and helping people.

Hi POG Ladies,
Love the new cd, you all did a great job, as always!! Thanks for putting encouraging music!!!
God bless!!
P.S. Happy Birthday Shelley what a great day for a new album to come out!!!