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Point Of Grace Backage With Mike Huckabee


Photo courtesy of Christy Cappillino


This picture saddens me so much. I'm dismayed with this man's influence in the events of the first week in August 2012 regarding support of Dan Cathy's comments and corporate support of horrible organizations which cause discrimination at home in the US and death abroad.

Thankfully, I don't see any of the members of POG posing with Chick-Fil-A bags anywhere, but having and keeping this as the first photo on your media page makes a statement. A statement that makes me wonder how all of your gay friends in the music business feel. They've done your hair and make-up, they've toured with you, they've sung on stage with you, and we all know it.

If Mike Huckabee is in this Circle of Friends, I gladly walk away from it. You are free to have whatever friends you wish, just as I have many friends with whom I disagree. If you don't like what this man has wrought, though, or are embarrassed by it, I wish you would say so. Say So--get it? :)

As a matter of fact, I wish that every open-minded person in the CCM community would stand up in some small way. If you want to follow this guy on twitter, fine. How about following Jennifer Knapp, too? Remember when POG shouted, "JENNIFER KNAPP!!!" in unison when announcing her win as Best New Artist at the Dove Awards? I do. But she doesn't exist anymore, does she? To CCM and evangelicals, she's gone...was just imagined.

On a slightly positive note, I am glad that your twitter "following" list is less appalling than Avalon's. Sarah Palin? One Million Moms? Yikes. I wonder how Michael Passons feels about that. Oh, nevermind. I just saw that you have Tim Tebow. Le Sigh.

I'm not sure how to conclude. I saw this picture and needed to vent. Christianity is just not for me anymore. It was for 30 years, and your music was a part of that starting in college.

Nothing more to say.